Preserve or renovate wooden terraces using Pullex Bodenöl (Floor oil)

Sun, wind and humidity – these are the weather conditions to which your wooden terrace, balcony flooring or outdoor walkways are exposed day after day. This may lead to ugly cracks, washing out, algae attack or greying of the wood. Hence, all wooden terraces – including exotic wood types such as Bangkirai or Massaranduba - should be preserved regularly using special wood oil such as, for example, Pullex Bodenöl.

Larch wooden terrace - Before
Wooden terrace in detail - Before
Impact of ADLER Holzentgrauer (de-greying agent) - Before / After
Stir Pullex Bodenöl (Wood oil) well before use
Refill in a large empty container for application with a brush
Brush with a handle facilitates the application of Pullex Bodenöl (wood oil) on large wooden terraces
Use a paint brush for joints and edges of the wooden terrace
The wooden terrace shines with a new gloss thanks to Pullex Bodenöl

Preservation and refurbishment for wooden terraces

You should pay attention to long life and durability at the time of choosing your wooden terrace or the wood for your garden. The most suitable types of wood for a wooden terrace are larch wood or exotic types of wood such as Bangkirai** or Massaranduba*. What is important for all wooden terraces is their regular preservation using suitable wood oil such as, for example, Pullex Bodenöl:

  • In case of a new coat, apply 2 thin coats of Pullex Bodenöl.
  • For wooden terraces that are intact, we recommend a preservation coat to be applied annually.
  • For the refurbishment of weathered wooden terraces, a pre-treatment with ADLER Holzentgrauer and two thin coats of Pullex Bodenöl are necessary.

How to do it:






  1. De-greying if necessary

    f your wooden terrace is already greyed at certain spots, a first treatment with ADLER Holzentgrauer makes sense. For this purpose, pour water over the entire surface in order to reduce the absorption.

  2. Next, ADLER Holzentgrauer is applied using a paint brush or a brush. After allowing it to ingress for 10 to 20 minutes, wash off the wooden terrace again with plenty of water using nylon or a scrubbing brush.

  3. Dry, clean and absorbent substrate

    Allow the garden wood to dry for several days after de-greying it. Even if no pre-treatment is necessary, the wooden terrace must be clean, dry and capable of being coated with wood oil. Sand resin-rich wood types using grain size of 120 and clean the surface using Nitroverdünnung (Nitro thinner). The cleaner and more thoroughly the pre-treatment, the more beautiful and uniform is the subsequent coat of wood oil applied. Even coarse wood fibres and splinters should first be removed.

  4. Apply Bodenöl with a brush -

    Then you can treat the wooden terrace with Pullex Bodenöl. Apply this special wood oil using a paint brush on the entire surface uniformly. Using a wide brush with a bar handle facilitates the work for large area wooden terraces. Apply a second coat after allowing the first one to dry for 12 hours. This is how you achieve the best result.
    Important: apply a thin coat!

    The same applies equally to all wooden components: preserve regularly and well in time! This is how you avoid cumbersome refurbishment. Regardless of whether you would like to preserve wooden terraces, garden furniture, windows or external doors in the outdoor area, you are safe with branded products from the house of ADLER.

  5. Information on the types of wood:

    Massaranduba is used increasingly instead of Bangkirai. Massaranduba is one of the hardest forms of timber and can be used particularly as wood for outdoor construction or as wooden furniture for the garden.

    **Bangkirai (Bankirai):
    The primarily homogenous Bangkirai is yellowish brown (often olive brown), has a high density, is heavy and has correspondingly high values of strength. Bangkirai is used not only for outdoor constructions, but also for floorings, walkways and working surfaces exposed to high levels of stress.


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