Window refurbishment using the Pullex refurbishment products

From old to new - chipping off coats of paint on windows and doors are now a thing of the past...

Selection of colour shade
Primer coat with Pullex Renovier-Grund
After - Perfect result

Pullex Renovier-Grund and Pullex Fenster-Lasur, the renovation system from ADLER for weathered windows and doors with thin and thick layer glaze. This allows you to give your windows, doors or shutters a new shine without great effort.




  1. Here's how it works:

    Select the desired colour shade, which the object should receive after the renovation. The ADLER colour guides or colour cards will make it quick and easy for you to choose the right colour. You only choose the final colour shade, the ADLER colour mixing system suggests the suitable primer colour shade.

  2. Professional tip: 

    Use a scraper to remove flaking or infiltrated coatings from thick-film glazes. Remaining paint and greying wood substances are best sanded with 60 grit sandpaper. Sharp edges are rounded off. Sanding with 120 grit is then carried out over the entire window frame.
    Now remove dust and dirt from the wood.
    Now you can impregnate the window with Pullex Renovier-Grund. Highly absorbent wood parts can be painted a second time "wet in wet". After drying for at least 12 hours, apply the first coat of Pullex Fenster-Lasur

  3. Professional tip: 

    Use a paint brush with short, stiff bristles - this will give you a beautiful glaze finish.
    After approx. 6 hours drying time, apply the second coat of Pullex Fenster-Lasur.
    For colourful or opaque window renovation, we recommend two coats of Pullex Color for optimum results.

    You can also use the Pullex Renovier-System to make old an greyed windows or doors shine again. The ADLER quality guarantees you perfect protection and beauty for many years to come.

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