ADLER's three pillars of sustainability

Here at ADLER, sustainability doesn't just mean protecting the environment – we see it as much more of a holistic concept and an integral part of our company. For us, it means achieving a balance between the environment, economic factors and people. All three factors need to be taken into account to an equal extent and given the same value – so that, like us, our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy a safe and secure life.

Ecology ensures a careful approach to the use of resources. This plays a major role for ADLER, both in the production of our high-quality products and in shaping our product range. We have made it our goal to protect the environment and conserve resources, to take an innovative approach, and to offer an increasingly large selection of environmentally friendly products.

Economic Factors refers to all ADLER's efforts in regard to sustainable business. We don't focus on achieving the maximum profit in the short term, but rather on long-term stability, treating all our stakeholders fairly, and creating good and secure jobs.

Social Issues means creating long-term added value for our customers and employees, and for society. We aspire to offer our employees the best possible framework conditions and opportunities for training, and we aim to be their "first choice" employer.


Andrea Berghofer about sustainability

"We don't just talk about sustainability, we live and breathe our responsibility: day by day and with 100% commitment."

We live and breathe responsibility

Our willingness to take responsibility for our actions forms the basis for the sustainable approach we take in all our company processes. We want to be responsible in the way we use the Earth's resources and we want to take on responsibility within society (CSR – corporate social responsibility), so that future generations will also find a world that is worth living in. As Austria's leading manufacturer of paints and varnishes, we take responsibility:

We live and breathe responsibility every day. We have already implemented lots of measures, but that's not enough: we have set ourselves just as many ambitious goals to help us to work in an even more environmentally friendly and responsible way.

Sustainable Development Goals

The basis for our sustainability philosophy can be found in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the United Nations (UN). The UN has defined 17 goals for sustainable development, thereby providing impetus for measures in various different areas of sustainability.

In a multi-stage evaluation process, ADLER identified seven of these SDGs as the ones where we can have the greatest impact.

  • The good health and well-being of our employees and of the users of our products is a top priority. A diverse range of measures in healthcare, employee protection, plant and equipment safety, product safety and safety in use are helping us to reach this goal.
  • For us, quality education means comprehensive and continuous training and professional development for our employees, in all areas and at all levels of skill. This ranges from careers with ADLER apprenticeships and training of specialist skills, through to individual training and development measures. Offering training to the users of our products in the ADLER Academy is also a key component in regard to this SDG.
  • Decent work and economic growth: By treating one another with respect and using fairness, appreciation and personal responsibility as the basis for our interactions, and through our efforts to achieve sustainable economic growth and financial independence, we will be able to create and maintain long-term, high-quality jobs. We also hope to achieve this goal in the procurement process by finding the right partnerships and through supplier assessments and the relevant purchasing conditions. At ADLER, we consider compliance and integrity to be extremely important.
  • For ADLER, industry, innovation and infrastructure means continuously developing our products and our plant and equipment, and being a market leader through our innovations in a wide range of different areas. Well-structured and continuous innovation management and a company suggestion scheme involving all employees are key elements of ADLER's strategy.
  • Sustainable consumption and production is a goal that we are working towards through a diverse range of measures in various areas: through measures to reduce energy consumption and through treatment of waste water and exhaust air purification in our production facilities, and through our efforts in regard to the circular economy in terms of our product range or the use of recycled containers and partnerships with waste management companies in the packaging sector.
  • We are committed to climate action, a responsible approach to the use of resources and to constantly improving our carbon footprint. Our environmentally friendly production processes help us to reduce the amount of waste and emissions that we produce. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of environmentally friendly, low-emissions products.
  • We are convinced that we can only achieve success by establishing long-term partnerships. For this reason, we maintain a diverse range of cooperation agreements in the education sector and in society at large, as well as with trade associations and suppliers in the procurement process. We also have long-standing partnerships with our customers, going back many years, and we work together very closely.


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ADLER covers part of its energy needs with a high-performance photovoltaic system.

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