ADLER covers part of its energy needs with a high-performance photovoltaic system.

Our philosophy

We are committed to sustainable entrepreneurship, with responsibility for future generations. We conserve the world's resources through environmentally friendly production methods, renewable raw materials and transparent supply chains. We make a contribution to climate protection through energy-efficient work and emission prevention. Emissions that cannot be avoided despite intensive efforts are offset by effective CO2 compensation.

What we have already achieved:

  • Climate neutrality: since January 2018, the ADLER plant in Schwaz has been 100% climate neutral.
  • Green electricity: 100% green electricity is supplied to the ADLER plant.
  • Efficient use of energy: since 2013 we have been certified by TÜV Austria in accordance with ISO 50001 (energy), and since 2017, we have been part of the "klimaaktiv" programme on climate action of the Austrian Ministry of the Environment. 
  • Energy saving: with LED lighting technology, we have been saving around 13,500 kWh every year since 2016, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of three average Austrian households.
  • Thermal renovation: through renovation measures, we have been saving more than 25,500 kWh of thermal energy every year since 2016, which is more than the annual gas consumption of a single-family house.
  • Sustainable paints: with the multi-award-winning SH-Technology©  for self-healing paints, we have made wood coatings significantly more durable and environmentally friendly since 2016.
  • Sustainable coatings: in 2018 we obtained the sustainability certificate Cradle to Cradle for several products from our product range.


What we still want to achieve:

  • Renewable energy: by 2019, we intend to produce around 131,000 kWh of clean electricity each year through the use of photovoltaics, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of about 30 average households in Austria.
  • Efficient use of energy: by 2020, we will reduce our annual electricity consumption by at least 45,000 kWh
  • Sustainability reporting: starting in 2019, we intend to publish a comprehensive sustainability report in accordance with GRI-criteria.
  • Energy performance certificate: by 2019, we want to create an energy certificate for the buildings of the ADLER plant

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