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Paint runs through our veins: with this philosophy, ADLER has become Austria's leading manufacturer of varnishes, paints and wood preservatives. But there's also a great deal of green flowing through our veins, as environmental protection has always been a high priority at ADLER. ADLER stands for sustainable entrepreneurship with responsibility for future generations. Resources are conserved with environmentally friendly production methods, traceable supply chains and the processing of renewable raw materials. By working in an energy-efficient manner, ADLER makes an important contribution to climate protection. Emissions that cannot be avoided despite intensive efforts are offset by means of CO₂ compensation. This makes ADLER one of the first companies in its industry that has achieved 100 % climate-neutral production.

→ active contribution to climate protection
→ 100 % CO₂-neutral production
→ lower resource consumption
→ raw materials sourced mainly from Europe
→ high proportion of renewable raw materials
→promoting biodiversity
→low-emission products, especially water-based products
→ reduced pollutants and healthier living climate
→ high quality performance and product safety due to long durability, resistance etc.


For many years, ADLER has rightly been considered a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly paint production. This pronounced environmental awareness forms the basis for a comprehensive sustainability philosophy that we have anchored as a core component of our corporate strategy today. Für unsere nachhaltigen Produkte sind vor allem die SDGs Nachhaltiger Konsum und Produktion, Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz sowie Gesundheit und Wohlergehen wichtig.

The ADLER laboratory closely examines the green-Label products based on various criteria and evaluates them according to strict guidelines. The standards that ADLER applies to its own products are sometimes stricter than those of well-known eco-labels.

All products are objectively tested and certified according to three categories: Environment, Health & Safety and Service life. Only products that score positively in all these areas are awarded the green sustainability label.

our test criteria


What impact do ADLER's products have on the environment??

Proportion of renewable raw materials
 VOC content
 Global warming potential or ecological footprint
 Without the addition of aromatic compounds and heavy metals

Health & Safety

How do ADLER products affect people's health during and after use?

 Without the addition of carcinogenic and allergenic substances
 Without the addition of synthetic nanomaterials
 Free of plasticisers (Phthalates)

 No raw materials that may damage organs
  No sensitising and skincorrosive raw materials
  Impact on health through reduced environmental pollution

Service life

How does the coating affect the service life of the treated surfaces?

 Durability and elasticity
  Resistance to weather, light, chemical and/or mechanical influences
  Colour stability and chalking
  Maintenance, wet abrasion and reparability
  Yield or covering capacity
  Yield or covering capacity


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UN Global Compact

Sustainable Development Goals der UNO - the basis of our sustainability philosophy. 

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ADLER covers part of its energy needs with a high-performance photovoltaic system.

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manufacture products in such a way that their end is considered right from the beginning

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