Our colourful chronicles of sucsess

  1. 2016-2018

    Construction of a new water-based paint factory

    Construction of a new water-based paint factory and an innovative logistics centre (construction stages I and II)


  2. 2016

    Groundbreaking for ADLER 2020

    Following the decision of the management and supervisory board, the groundbreaking ceremony for the ADLER 2020 project took place in 2016 – a further milestone in the history of the ADLER plant was achieved.

  3. 2011

    Expansion of the administrative building

    In order to create space for the purchasing department, the administration building was extended in 2011 and its appearance modernised.

  4. 2009

    75th anniversary

    In 2009, the 75th anniversary of ADLER was celebrated with a festive service, an open day and the creation of the advertising slogan "Paint runs through our veins". By this time, ADLER's sales amounted to 80 million euros – the share of water-based paints accounted for 60% .

  5. 2002 – 2018

    Foundation of further international sales companies

    After the turn of the millennium, the international markets continued to gain in importance. The Polish sales company ADLER Polska was founded in 2002, two new ADLER Deutschland service bases were opened  in 2006, followed in 2009 by ADLER Slovensko, ADLER Cesko and ADLER Italia. In 2018, ADLER Benelux becomes the seventh sales company .

  6. 2002

    Expansion of laboratory and application technology

    In 2002, not only was the building for research and development generously extended, but the application technology on the ground floor was also upgraded. It was equipped with fully automatic spraying machines, UV and radiation curing systems, state-of-the-art paint application machines and spacious testing and spraying rooms.

  7. 1999

    Andrea Berghofer joins the management board

    Günther Berghofer appointed his daughter Andrea as managing director under commercial law in 1999, while his other daughter Claudia headed the corporate communications department. In 2007, Günther Berghofer joined the supervisory board, leaving Andrea Berghofer as the sole managing director of the ADLER plant.

  8. 1995

    Inauguration of the environmental protection and recycling centre

    An investment of 100 million Schilling was inaugurated in 1995: a technical environmental protection and recycling centre with wastewater treatment well ahead of its time. 

  9. 1995

    Expansion of exports

    After establishing the first ADLER service base in Vienna, further bases with delivery warehouses and paint blending centres were set up in order to be closer to the customer in Linz, St. Pölten, Kalsdorf bei Graz in 1991 and 1992, and in Klagenfurt in 1997. For years, Switzerland had also been a sales region for ADLER – which is why ADLER-Lack AG Chur was founded at the time.

  10. 1992

    Departure of Hermine Berghofer

    In 1992, Hermine Berghofer died at the age of 82. She was the "mother of the ADLER plant", regarded by all ADLER employees as a highly esteemed and respected senior partner.

  11. 1991

    Expansion of the order office

    In 1991, a new order office was built on the flying roof of the dispatch ramps to handle the daily receipt of 300-400 orders. On top of this, smaller extensions were built for training purposes.

  12. 1987

    Construction of a high-bay warehouse

    Capacities were now available, annual sales rose by a double-digit figure and the company was able to further expand its market position. In 1983, a production capacity of 6,200 tons and sales of 260 million Schilling were achieved with just 170 employees

  13. 1984

    Inauguration of the new plant

    On 8 June 1984, the plant was inaugurated on the occasion of ADLER's 50th anniversary. 

  14. 1981 – 1983

    Construction of a laboratory and administrative building

    nology as well as administration. Construction began in the spring of 1981 and was completed as scheduled by the end of 1983. This completed the ADLER plant's relocation from 17 Münchner Straße to 22 Bergwerkstraße. 

  15. 1978

    Inauguration of the new paint factory

    As of 9 January 1978 the new production started up and a day later deliveries were shipped from 22 Bergwerkstraße. On 24 May 1978, the inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of Governor Eduard Wallnöfer and the then President of the Federation of Austrian Industry, Mr Daniel Swarovski. 

  16. 1977

    Development of the ADLER colour blending system

    An extensive do-it-yourself programme for the paint trade was also developed. In 1977, ADLER was the first Austrian paint factory to present a colour mixing system, which made it possible to mix 1,200 colour shades from 6 to 8 base colours and 16 universal colour pastes – depending on the paint system.

  17. 1976 – 1977

    Construction of a new production plant 

    In 1976 construction stage II, the construction of the new production plant, began earlier than originally planned. By the end of 1977, 7,000 m2 of factory halls and the entire technical equipment had been completed with machinery, agitators and stage constructions.

  18. 1975

    Launch of the Pullex brand

    Development in the paint and varnish sector also did not come to a halt. In the 1970s, one- and two-component acid-hardening varnishes came on the market. ADLER SH Rapid and ADLER Superplast were successful products at that time. At the same time, wood protection gained in importance at ADLER. With the brand Woodex, which was licensed from Denmark, ADLER managed to establish a prominent position in this field, and in 1975 the own brand Pullex was launched.

  19. 1974

    Construction of a new raw materials warehouse

    In 1974, the groundbreaking ceremony took place at the new factory premises for construction stage I, the raw materials and solvent tank storage facility, the energy centre and the gatehouse and workshop building.

  20. 1970 – 1973

    Planning of a new plant

    The expansion was so successful that Günther Berghofer decided to implement his vision of a modern paint factory in the open countryside. In this, it was of fundamental importance for him to take into account a functionally optimal operating procedure when planning the plant. In 1973, the plan was completed for a new plant to be built in three construction stages on Bergwerkstraße, Schwaz. 

  21. 1969

    Construction of a new production hall

    Together with his employees, Günther Berghofer further expanded the company to meet the needs of the market. The late 1960s saw the construction of a production hall with a floor area of 1,000 m2, and in the early 1970s a new building was constructed for research and development, boasting modern application technology.

  22. 1964

    Death of company founder Johann Berghofer

    n May 1964, company founder Johann Berghofer died at the age of just 54. His son Günther Berghofer, who had just completed his education in the field of paints and varnishes as well as undertaking placement years in foreign paint factories, took over the company at the age of 26 with the support of his mother Hermine.

  23. 1959

    Installation of modern application technology

    For Johann Berghofer and his wife Hermine – who had taken charge of the accounts from the beginning – it was a difficult time in which to build, as every Schilling had to be saved to earn the equity for new investments. Thus, as early as 1959 application technology with automatic paint application machines and a modern spray booth was installed.

  24. 1955

    Registration of the ADLER brand

    In 1955, the slogan and image brand ADLER was registered for Johann Berghofer's company. The first successful products were the furniture polish, ADLER Spiegel as well as ADLER Boden­beize (floor stain) and Bodenwachs (floor wax) prized by housewives. ADLER Tempo-Beize (stain) and Tempo-Glasur (glaze) were later developed, which replaced the floor wax. But even the nitro-lacquers, such as ADLER Holzgrund (wood primer), ADLER Schnellschliffgrund (quick sanding primer) and ADLER Super-Glanz (super shine) caught on at the joinery business in western Austria.

  25. 1947

    Construction of the first factory building

    After surviving the chaos of war, Johann Berghofer managed to build his first residential and factory building on the outskirts of Schwaz in 1947, which was constantly expanded in the 1950s. Production initially amounted to between 4,000 and 5,000 kilograms per month.

  26. 1934

    Acquisition of a paint shop in Schwaz by Johann Berghofer

    It was back in 1934 when Johann Berghofer decided to acquire a paint shop in Schwaz. Even back then, in addition to a shop for paints, varnishes and painting accessories, he also had it in mind to manufacture a number of products in the field of furniture and floor care, as well as matting and polishes for the carpentry industry. In a specialist book he had read how to produce such care and varnish products and which raw materials to use. Johann Berghofer's paint shop enjoyed success, the customer base increased and his first steps in the field of in-house production developed positively.

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