Protecting people and the environment

A very important component of our sustainability strategy is ensuring safe plant and equipment that does not pose any risk to people or to the environment, as well as creating and maintaining safe workplaces for our employees at all our sites.


The key cornerstones in this respect are:

  • Planning and putting in place state-of-the-art and safe plant and equipment and workplaces
  • Regular inspection of the plant and equipment and workplaces for potential risk factors, using standardised methods of assessment
  • Regular servicing and maintenance of machines in order to ensure safe processes • Ongoing training and education of employees and creating an awareness of safety in the workplace
  • Mandatory instructions for work processes and operating procedures
  • Action and emergency plans, as well as a set of fire safety regulations


With these measures, we can ensure that the manufacture of our products can be carried out without disruption at all our sites.

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Fire prevention

Despite the fact that 65 % of our products are water-based, we are careful not to underestimate the risk of fire on our premises. The use of explosion-proof construction methods for all our plant and equipment; where necessary, the installation of automatic fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems; close collaboration with the fire service and exercises carried out in cooperation with them; our Fire Prevention and First-Aid group, and regular training sessions for our workforce – all these things ensure that the risk is kept at a manageable level. Our new high-bay warehouse, which was put into operation in 2018, is also fitted with a fully automatic extinguishing system.

Safety at work

Our health is our most important asset. Avoiding accidents at work and work-related illnesses is therefore one of ADLER's core goals. We minimise accidents at work through safety analyses and preventative measures and through the emergency procedures that we have put in place. We also invest in good training for our employees and in safe technology, and we encourage our staff to take care of their health.

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Risk management

Thanks to a future-oriented risk management system, we are able to identify any potential adverse impacts for ADLER, our employees or the environment at an early stage, and we can then take the appropriate steps to avoid them. Yet at the same time, the system not only looks at negative impacts, but also highlights opportunities for the organisation and for the environment, e.g. cost savings, eco-friendly product designs or strengthened partnerships. These risks and opportunities are regularly surveyed and documented, and are taken into consideration in the planning of our activities.

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