Our philosophy

We are committed to working together with our employees in a spirit of partnership, encouragement and appreciation. We create a positive working environment that provides the opportunity for individual further development. We offer our employees long-term prospects through future-proof, high-quality workplaces.

What we have already achieved:

  • Further education: we invest some 250,000 euros each year in the further education of our employees.
  • Occupational safety: since 2004, we have been certified by TÜV Austria according to OHSAS 18001 (health protection).
  • Support: through the Hermine Berghofer Fund we support our employees and their families in emergency situations..
  • Health: since 2011, we have been carrying out annual ergonomics consulting for our employees and regularly offer free fitness courses, medical consultations, vaccinations and health days.
  • Satisfaction: in a large employee satisfaction analysis in 2015 we discovered the wishes of our employees and implemented many concrete measures..
  • Balanced diet: in 2017 we improved the range of food in our canteen from a healthy eating perspective and adapted it to the wishes of our employees.
  • Loyalty: we would like to thank our employees for their loyalty and commitment by means of our company pension scheme, profit-sharing and numerous other voluntary measures.


What we still want to achieve:

  • Safety: by 2020, we intend to reduce the number of accidents at work to less than 6 per year, which is less than half the industry average.
  • Healthy workplaces: by 2020, we will optimise all workplaces in the production and storage areas in accordance with ergonomic considerations..
  • Further education: by 2020, 10% more employees are to benefit from internal education and training.
  • Percentage of women: by 2025, we intend to double the number of female employees in management positions.

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