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Primers and Top coats

Paints and varnishes for all applications

Whether you need an acrylic or synthetic resin paint or varnish, a spray coating or a special paint or varnish – at ADLER, you will find the right primers and topcoats for any kind of substrate and any area of application.

Likewise, there are no limits when it comes to your choice of colour – from clear varnishes and white paints through to a range of brightly coloured paints, you'll be sure to find the right products for your needs in this area.

ADLER have a broad range of paints and varnishes that have been developed especially for metal substrates and that protect this high-value material and prevent rust. They also have metallic effect paints to deliver matching design features, for both exterior and interior use.

A range of special products for concrete floors have been developed in the ADLER Research Lab to protect this popular building material from water, dirt and substances that may cause damage. If the floor is not treated, these substances will penetrate the large-pored material and destroy it from the inside. To ensure that the floor has a long life, it is therefore essential that concrete surfaces are sealed with a suitable coating from the ADLER range.

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