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Furniture/parquet varn./hard.

Best possible protection and a beautiful finish for furniture and parquet flooring

As a naturally renewable material, wood creates a very special and unique living atmosphere and makes us feel peaceful and relaxed.

Yet at the same time, it is also very susceptible to marks, damp, dirt and dust. With the right protection and the perfect finishing treatment, however, it will retain its natural beauty for many years.

Furniture paints and varnishes by ADLER fulfil this role by both protecting your wood and ensuring an attractive finish, thereby achieving the highest standards in furniture and interior finishing. Whether you use PUR or water-based paints and varnishes, ADLER products will guarantee the best possible chemical and mechanical resistance, whilst also being straightforward and easy to use.

And for wooden floors and staircases too, you'll be sure to find the right sealant for your requirements in the ADLER range. Our sealing varnishes bring out the natural look of the wood whilst also protecting the wooden substrate from the mechanical and chemical stresses of everyday wear.

Do you have any questions on coatings for the furniture and parquet flooring industry? Then click here to read more on this subject or get in touch with us straight away via our Online Contact Form!

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