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Exterior wood preservation

ADLER, the specialist when it comes to protecting wood

Wood is a natural material that can still look as beautiful after many years as it did on the first day – provided it is regularly treated and cared for. This natural product also needs to be protected against mould, blue stain, woodworm and other insects.

With the right wood protection products, you can make sure that your wood stays looking good for many years to come and is protected against fungi and other little invaders. ADLER has been a leading manufacturer of paints, varnishes and wood preservers for many years now, and the company offers a broad and diverse range of products in the area of wood protection. For outdoor areas, wood protection glazes provide the best possible protection for this natural material. These glazes also give the wood an attractive finish, with a very pleasant look and feel. For indoor areas, special interior glazes provide the UV protection needed to prevent yellowing, whilst also giving the wood an attractive colour. With our water-thinnable and solvent-based wood preservers, wood glazes and wood paints, you can be sure that you are giving your wood the best possible protection.

With their broad range of both water-thinnable and solvent-based wood preservers, wood glazes and wood paints, ADLER offer the best possible solutions for all applications, and have been doing so for a number of decades now: whether you need a transparent or an opaque coating, whether you're giving something a first coat of paint or doing a renovation project, whether you want a glaze finish or a wood oil – you'll always find the right product at ADLER. Their many years of experience and their strong focus on Research & Development guarantee the best possible product quality.

You'll be sure to find what you need in our "Wood preservers, outdoor use" product area. Whether you're giving something a new coat of paint or doing a renovation project, ADLER have just the right product for your needs.

You'll find the perfect glaze for interior use under "Interior glazes". Our products have proven their worth over a period of many years and are generally recognized as safe.

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