Facade refurbishment using the Pullex refurbishment products

Greyed and weathered wooden facades and wooden structures look as good as new in an instant....

Primer coat, topcoat
Perfect result

Using the Pullex Renoviersystem from ADLER that has been tried and tested over many years, greyed and weathered shutters, balconies or canopies appear as good as new in an instant and without any cumbersome sanding. And all that in just a few steps.

How it works:


  1. Choose the colour shade


    Select the desired colour shade that you wish to apply to the item after refurbishment. The ADLER colour fans or colour charts will make the job of selecting the glaze finish colour shade easy for you.
    Now, you need to test the substrate before you start with the coating.

  2. Professional tip:

    Now, you need to test the substrate before you start with the coating. Use the nail test to see whether the substrate has the load-bearing capacity required for a new coat. The deeper the traces of scratches, the more rigorously should you brush the wood at the end.

  3. Brushing

    You must always use a brass wire brush for brushing, and always brush along the wood fibres. Those who wish to dispense with cumbersome brushing by hand use a professional brushing machine, particularly for large surfaces.
    You can get rid of sharp edges at the end using sandpaper of grain size 80. It is best to sand even heavily weathered and horizontal boards.  Next, thoroughly remove all dust and dirt from the wood.

  4. Apply Pullex Renovier-Grund

    Now you can apply Pullex Renovier-Grund with a brush.

    Professional tip:

    Please take care to ensure that you get a nice and uniform coloration. The surface should be uniformly coloured, but not appear to be covered completely. You can easily avoid crusts by smearing board by board.
    Highly absorbent wooden structures can be coated a second time "wet on wet" within a maximum of half an hour.

  5. Top-coat

    After the specified drying time you can apply the first top coat with Pullex Plus-Lasur or Pullex Top-Lasur in the desired shade. Now you should paint one board at a time, and at the end of the process, apply the brush coat again from the beginning to the end of the board. In this way, you can avoid any further beginnings!
    After sufficient drying, you can apply the second top coat with one of the Pullex varnishes.



    Facade refurbishment with ADLER Renovier-System

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