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Waxes/Oils/Interior Finish

Naturally protected and beautifully finished surfaces

Carefully manufactured products, well planned production processes and sophisticated surfaces are an expression of ADLER's strong connection to the natural materials provided by our environment.

Two brand new products on the market are ADLER Legno-Öl and ADLER Legno-Wachs: The fast drying oil, which is suitable for universal use, penetrates deep into the wood so that it repels water and dirt. Whether you use it on furniture, wooden ceilings, wall panelling or parquet flooring – wherever natural protection and care is called for, these ADLER products are just the right thing.

And in line with the continuing trend for using wood in interior design, ADLER have developed an optimised interior glaze in various wood shades and bright colours. It gives wall and ceiling elements the best possible protection, including protection against the yellowing effect of UV rays, making sure that they stay fresh and natural-looking for many years to come.

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