:B2C customers: Online registration is NOT possible for DIY-ers!

B2B customers: Registration ADLER partner service

1. Fill out the form:
Please fill out the form "New customer registration". Please provide very precise data to ensure quick processing. ADLER commercial customers and retailers can only be activated with a correct VAT ID or tax number. 

2. Authorisation:
We will now check your data and get back to you. You will receive information regarding the authorisation over the next few working days. You can now use your access data to benefit from our ADLER partner service. All key contacts and contact persons will be sent to you by e-mail.

Welcome to the colourful world of ADLER!

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If you have a commercial or industrial business and would like to become an ADLER customer, please register in the form below.

If you are an architect or ADLER partner and need access to special information such as safety data sheets, you can register with the same form below for the ADLER Partner Service.

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