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Special coatings

Solutions for particular areas of application

As Austria's leading manufacturer of paints, varnishes and wood preservers, ADLER is currently focusing on the development of innovations in surface finishing for a wide range of substrates and areas of application. These innovations include a range of special coatings – these are products that offer solutions to problems in particular areas of application and for certain materials, or that have special functionalities.

Printing technology has a key role to play in the individualisation of products and is also becoming increasingly popular for wood in outdoor areas, e.g. exterior doors, advertising hoardings, signage and facade elements. ADLER's special coatings provide the necessary adhesion and perfect protection on a wide range of different materials, such as wood, PVC, aluminium or glass. You will find details of our products for use in outdoor areas in the section Paints and varnishes for printing.

You can read more about our solutions and special coatings for digital printing here.

The boom in timber construction means that, for wooden structures too, fire prevention is becoming an increasingly important issue. With their Pyrolan product line, ADLER offer a wide range of special coatings that improve the behaviour of wood in the case of fire, thereby making a significant contribution to the effectiveness of fire prevention measures. All the products are water-based and specially adapted to various methods of application such as boiler pressure impregnation or spray and paintbrush application.

Would you like to find out more about our special coatings? Our specialists would be happy to help – simply get in touch with us via our Contact Form.

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