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Thinners & Cleaning products

Paint and varnish thinners, cleaning products and sanitisers

ADLER thinners: for thinning paints and varnishes and cleaning equipment thoroughly

ADLER's thinners can be used in a variety of ways. First of all, they are used to make paints and varnishes less viscous so that they can also be used with paint sprayers, for example. Thinners such as ADLER-Nitroverdünnung or ADLEROL-Terpentinölersatz can also be used to clean paintbrushes and equipment. Nitroverdünnung is also suitable for use in preparation work – for example, it can be used to clean and degrease surfaces prior to painting or varnishing. When using thinners, always make sure that they are suitable for the paint or varnish you have chosen. For example, our KH-Spritzverdünnung is suitable for use with synthetic resin coatings and machine paints and varnishes, whereas our Nitro-Verdünner is intended for use with paints and varnishes made from nitrocellulose.

When using thinners, be sure to wear appropriate protective clothing.

ADLER cleaning products: cleaning surfaces and tools

If you want to achieve good adhesion of paints and varnishes, it is essential to ensure that the surface has first been thoroughly cleaned and degreased. It is important that the surface is dry, clean and dust-free.

ADLER Waschbenzin is the perfect product for the universal cleaning of dust and dirt and for degreasing fatty and oily surfaces. It will also rapidly remove any residues of glue, leaving you with a clean finish.ADLER's Aceton-Waschmittel is very popular with painters and decorators. It dissolves grease, oil and resin and even PU foam, and it can be used to clean paintbrushes, rollers and other tools after use.

You can find more information on the preparation of surfaces in the technical data sheet for this product.

ADLER sanitisers: complying with hygiene standards

Sanitising hands and work surfaces is one of the most important measures that can be undertaken in the prevention of infectious diseases. ADLER's sanitisers for hands or surfaces are effective against enveloped viruses and also have a bactericidal and fungicidal effect, and will help you to comply with the current hygiene requirements. In particular in areas where there is a lot of interaction between different people (e.g. in offices, on public transport, in schools or commercial kitchens), surfaces and hands need to be regularly sanitised. Sanitisers for commercial premises and for private use are also available in larger containers!

When using sanitisers, be sure to use the right method of application and allow the correct period of time for them to take effect. It is very important that you read the technical data sheet for the product in question!

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