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Care & Repair

Maintenance and repair of furniture, window frames and doors

Time passes, but not for your windows, doors and furniture

ADLER's special care sets and care products for various areas of application ensure that the effort required to keep items of furniture, window frames, doors and parquet flooring in good condition over the long term is kept to a minimum.

Their cleaning and care products for furniture remove dirt and dust, close up fine cracks and make wooden furniture more resistant to marks and scratches. This high-quality furniture care product forms a protective film over the surface of the wood, thereby protecting it from moisture, dirty marks and damage. With the right cleaning and care products, items of furniture and parquet flooring will stay in good condition and retain their attractive appearance for longer.

Weathering factors such as the sun and the wind, moisture, fluctuations in temperature and harmful substances are a constant source of stress for exterior doors and window frames. For this reason, regular care and maintenance is a key prerequisite if the surface is to remain durable for a number of years. In order to keep the effort required as minimal as possible, ADLER have developed a range of special system care sets: The WinDoor Care-Set is used to care for windows and doors made of wood, aluminium or PVC with transparent or opaque coatings; the Pflegeset Smart is ideal for cleaning and caring for wooden window frames with transparent coatings.

And you won't need to worry about little accidents that may cause scratches, areas of damage or marks on the painted or varnished surface: little defects and dents can be evened out with the help of ourService-Koffer Holzoberflächen and our tried-and-tested Grilith products: to eliminate any areas of damage, we offer a Wood Repair Wax and a Wood Filler which are available in countless colours to match the type of wood in question.

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