Lignovit Plus

Basis zum Tönen / 4 l

Article number:5322004

Application method: Streichen mit Pinsel

Attention: use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Water-thinnable, thin-film wood finish for industrial and commercial use based on acrylate and alkyde resin dispersions. Good weathering resistance and uniform degradation in case ofweathering. The coating is protected against infestation by bluing and fungus.

Basis of the system
    • Water based
Special features
  • Ready for use
  • Wood protection
  • UV resistance
  • For non-dimensionally stable timber components
  • Block resistant
  • Good weather resistance
  • Dilutable in water: yes
    • Protection against fungal decay
    • Protection against mold
Can be tinted
Area of application
    • Outdoor
    • For dimensionally unstable and partially dimensionally stable wooden components outdoors and indoors such as, for example, sectional boards or balcony parts. 
    • Not suitable for direct contact with food and animal feed. 
    • Not for wood that is in permanent contact with soil and / or water.     

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