Workpieces that have been coated with paint or varnish have excellent properties: they provide resilient surfaces as well as an impressive look and a natural feel. Whether you manufacture furniture, kitchens, stairs, windows or doors from solid wood or produce wood-based materials, we have just the right paint or varnish for your spray painting machine.

Flatbed spray painting machines are complex pieces of equipment and there are numerous parameters that need to be considered when setting them up, for example the spray nozzles, pistol system, material pressure, atomising air, belt speed, number of strokes and the height of the nozzles. There are a wide range of factors that can have an impact on the results of the coating process, so it is essential that the system is correctly set up to prevent the formation of streaks, drips or cloudy areas and to ensure even application. The feed also needs to be adjusted to suit the carriage drive. These and many other factors need to be taken into account. With support and guidance from ADLER, it will be very easy for you to find the right paint or varnish for your flatbed spray painting machine. Get in touch with us!

Sector Area of application Coating system
Furniture, door and timber construction industries, flooring sector, panels industry, etc.

Ideal for the industrial coating of: 
interior doors, exterior doors, garden and patio furniture, home furniture (incl. tables, benches and bathroom furniture), kitchen fronts, bedroom furniture, stairs, panels, picture frames, wooden cladding (interior panels, etc.), facades (planed goods, profiled boards), formwork panels and scaffolding boards, glass

Also suitable for: 
pub benches, garden furniture (summer houses, partition walls, etc.), decking boards, fences, windows


Water-based coatings
1C / 2C coating
Solvent-based coatings
UV-cured coatings
Water-based UV coatings


Spray painting machine

The efficient and clean coating technique for flat surfaces, edges and profiled elements, furniture components or doors. Complete coating of surfaces and edges in a single operation. This type of application technology can be perfectly combined with various different methods of drying or with innovative technologies such as Excimer.

Benefits of industrial application using a spray painting machine

  • Flat surfaces and edges can be coated in a single operation
  • A fixed quantity of paint or varnish is set in advance, meaning that overspray can be reduced in comparison to hand spraying
  • Recovery of coating material: with a machine that has a plastic conveyor belt that is resistant to solvents, the excess paint or varnish can be recycled
  • Consumption of paint or varnish is no higher than with manual spraying using a paint sprayer
  • Dust ingress/dirt ingress is lower


ADLER will test out for the perfect workflow for you

Included in ADLER's fleet of machinery and equipment, we of course have our own flatbed spray painting machine. This allows us to thoroughly test out our paints and varnishes with this method of application so that we can provide our customers with detailed results and figures based on our own experience.

Often it is necessary for customers to switch over to a coating system which they have had very little experience with, or even no experience at all. We have extensive expertise when it comes to the planning of processes and plant equipment and we would like to offer you support with this changeover. Or if you already have a spray painting machine, we would be happy to advise you on the use of our products.

We would like to offer you guidance and support in choosing the best paint or varnish for the coating equipment you use. Our technical sales representatives would be only too happy to help you set up your spray painting machine. Why not arrange a no-obligation consultation now?

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