Roller coating is used to apply circulating coating agents from above onto flat workpieces and is mainly used in the parquet and furniture sector.

Sector Application area Coating system
Furniture, door and timber construction industries,
particle board market, etc.

Ideal for the industrial coating of: 
interior doors, pub benches, furniture (incl. tables, benches and bathroom furniture), bedroom furniture, parquet flooring, panels, wooden cladding (interior panels, etc.), coffins, facades (planed goods), glas, formwork panels and scaffolding boards

Also suitable for: 
Moulding industry (floor mouldings, picture frames etc.), cross laminated timber elements / glue laminated beams, stairs

100% UV coatings



Advantages of ADLER coatings with the roller coater

  • Particularly suitable for 100% UV coatings that can be cured immediately
  • Roller and lacquer coatings such as Aqua Walzbeize MG can also be applied using the roller process.
  • Also suitable for various oils in the industrial sector, such as Innolux Vita-Oil Multi
  • Very efficient application method with a feed rate of between 8-20 metres/minute
  • Multi-layer, colourless or coloured coatings possible with several coating rollers in the system

Rational painting with the roller coater

Thanks to different coating rollers, multi-layer, colorless or colored coatings are possible. Therefore, this coating technology is best suited for elements such as furniture parts or parquet. This application method can be perfectly combined with other technologies such as excimer or UV drying. The rolling process is best suited for 100% UV varnishes, wood or lacquer stains or oils.

ADLER has the right varnish for your roller coater

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