It is difficult to achieve an even thickness of a wet film of paint when you are applying paint by hand. When window frames are sprayed by hand, the consumption of paint can be between 15% and 30% higher than it is with the use of a paint robot.

A spray painting robot ensures even application of the coating and at a constant speed. The distance between the spray pistols and the product remains the same throughout the process thereby optimising paint consumption and ensuring a smooth and even coating. Paint robots can be used to apply both water-based and solvent-based products. If the robot is set up correctly, the consumption of paint can be reduced, downtime can be minimised and production is therefore optimised.

Painting with a robot is especially suitable for large format 3D items such as doors and window frames, and allows you to produce components for the timber or furniture manufacturing process with a consistently high level of surface quality.

Sector Area of application Coating system
Window frame, furniture, door and timber construction industries

Ideal for the industrial coating of: 
exterior doors, windows, furniture, cross-laminated timber elements/glulam beams

Also suitable for
interior doors, pub benches, decking boards, coffins, facades (panelling), fences

Water-based coatings
1C / 2C coatings
Solvent-based coatings



Advantages of industrial application using a paint robot

  • Flexible and fast coating with maximum repeatability and accuracy
  • Automatic recognition of workpieces
  • Even application of the coating by the robotminimises consumption of the coating material 
  • Consistent quality
  • High level of availability

ADLER will test out the perfect workflow for you

Whether you have a small carpentry workshop or a large business, ADLER has a good grasp of the needs of their users. We can offer you support and guidance in choosing the perfect product to use with your coating equipment. With our extensive expertise in the planning of processes and plant and equipment, we would be happy to help you set up your own spray painting robot.
Why not arrange a no-obligation consultation now? We can also offer demonstrations using our own technology!

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ADLER Cobot-Lackierung

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