Do you have a carpentry workshop? Do you only need to spray paint a door or window frame every now and then? Perhaps you don't have the space on your premises for a large piece of equipment, yet you would nevertheless like to fulfil a wide range of specific customer requirements without it using up too much time? Are you a painter and decorator? Are you looking for an efficient way to spray paint large surfaces such as facades? Then a hand-held paint sprayer will probably be the ideal piece of equipment for you.

Be flexible and fast in fulfilling customer requirements with a painting booth

In a carpentry workshop, genuine one-off items are created which have perfect surfaces. Individually designed surfaces can impress your customers. A spray booth will allow you to fulfil your customers' wishes and give surfaces the perfect finish. Even larger quantities of workpieces can be quickly coated by hand using a paint sprayer. ADLER's portfolio of products offers carpenters a large selection of paints, varnishes and oils for a wide range of different applications in qualities suitable for use with spraying equipment.

Applying emulsion, wall and facade paints with a paint sprayer

Fast and with professional quality: A paint sprayer allows painters to give new buildings, major projects or renovations a new coat of paint in no time at all. ADLER's range includes silicone, mineral and emulsion paints that are all suitable for spray application.

Sector Area of application Coating system
Painters and decorators, joiners, furniture, door and timber construction industries, carpenters, etc.

Ideal for the industrial coating of: 
Interior doors, exterior doors, window frames, garden furniture/patio furniture, pub benches, garden timber (summerhouses, partition walls, etc.), decking boards, chairs, kitchen fronts, home furniture (incl. tables, benches and bathroom furniture), bedroom furniture, stairs, elements for the mouldings industry (skirting boards, picture frames, etc.), wooden cladding (interior panelling, etc.), coffins, facades (planed goods, profiled boards), facades (panelling), glass, cross-laminated timber elements/glulam beams, fences, formwork panels and scaffolding boards

Water-based coatings
1C / 2C coating
Solvent-based coatings
UV-cured coatings
Combinations of coatings

Wall and facade paints



Areas of application

Paint spraying systems are suitable for use in a wide range of different coating situations:

  • For painters and decorators: Facade paint AVIVA Tirosilc-Color can be applied quickly and simply using a paint sprayer. Spray on to old coatings that are suitable for being painted in interior and exterior areas withAqua-Nova Spray M spritzen!
  • For window manufacturers: Coat UPVC window frames in no time at all with ADLER Polycolor 2K SQ!
  • For carpenters: Legnopur is suitable for spraying fixtures and fittings of any kind in furniture construction

When paints, varnishes or oils are sprayed in a painting booth, it is very important that the area is properly ventilated. Be sure to replace the filter at regular intervals and make sure that operatives are wearing the right protective clothing. You will find these and further tips for using a spray booth here!


ADLER - the right paint for your paint spraying system

Whether you are planning to use furniture paint, wall paint, coloured paint or paint for UPVC windows – we can spray (almost) every kind of paint! Would you like to know which paint is best suited to your spraying equipment and your project? We would be happy to advise you! 

Our paint spraying systems 

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