Are you looking for a way of coating flat surfaces such as doors or parquet flooring quickly and efficiently? Then a curtain coating machine is probably the right method of application for you.

Curtain coating machines are principally used to coat flat components in the door, kitchen or interior fittings industries and to coat parquet flooring.

Sector Area of application Coating system
Furniture and kitchen industries, interior fittings industry, panels industry, etc.

Ideal for the industrial coating of:
interior doors, parquet flooring, panels

Also suitable for: 
pub benches, kitchen fronts, home furniture (incl. tables, benches and bathroom furniture), bedroom furniture, stairs, wooden cladding (interior panels, etc.), facades (panelling)

Solvent system
100% UV coatings
Water-based UV coatings


Advantages of curtain coating

  • Efficient and fast coating with a feed speed of 20–70 metres / min.
  • Smooth and even coating without any loss of material

Curtain coating machine

This cost-effective application technique enables efficient, uniform application without material loss and can be easily combined with innovative technologies such as Excimer. Suitable for coating interior doors, furniture parts and parquet.

ADLER will test out for the perfect workflow for you

If you are keen to optimise your processes and find the best solutions, ADLER's experienced employees are the ideal people to get in touch with! With our own in-house curtain coating machine, we test out a wide range of practical user cases under laboratory conditions and can therefore offer you the best possible guidance for the production of your products. Contact us now!

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