With flow-coating, the window frame is transported on a cross-beam in a hanging position and is moved past a series of bars, each bearing a number of nozzles, so that the coating material can be sprayed onto the frame. The excess material drains down to the floor where it is filtered and directed back into the system. In the next step, the window frame arrives in the draining area; here the level of humidity needs to be as high as possible so that any excess material can run off while it is still wet. This is followed by the drying phase. Flow-coating is most commonly used for impregnation products / priming and intermediate coating of wooden window frames.

Sector Area of application Coating system

Window industry

Ideal for the industrial coating of:
window frames, exterior doors, fence elements, timber construction elements, planed goods;

Impregnation products*

* impregnation products from the ADLER range, e.g.: Aquawood PrimoAquawood Intermedio FlowQAquawood Intercare Flow , Lignovit PrimoPullex Imprägnier-Grund



Die Beschichtung im Flutverfahren ist besonders material- und zeitsparend und eignet sich für die industrielle Beschichtung von Fenstern, Haustüren, Zäunen, Holzbau- oder Stuhlteilen.

Advantages of the flow-coating application method:

  • High time savings compared with manual priming
  • No material loss
  • High coating application efficiency
  • Extremely uniform coating
  • All-round coating

ADLER – coatings and impregnation products for flow-coating

Flow-coating equipment always needs to be adjusted to the coating system in question. Together with our partners from industry, we can coordinate the entire application process, including configuration of the equipment, to make sure that your needs are met. Why not arrange a no-obligation consultation now? Our specialists will get back to you without delay.

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