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Polycolor 2K SQ - Paint uPVC windows

The times when uPVC windows were simply white are over. Windows are elements of design that represent a special optical highlight in the facade, but at the same time impressively characterise interiors. A colourful design can achieve countless beautiful effects - the new coating for uPVC windows from ADLER makes it possible!

Best durability for uPVC windows

The Polycolor 2K SQ finish from ADLER not only impresses with its design variety, but also with its many innovative properties: The Polycolor coating makes the surface particularly resistant to atmospheric agents such as UV radiation, snow and rain. In addition, the product is characterized by very good wet adhesion properties as well as scratch and chemical resistance. This guarantees that the customer benefits from a permanently functional and visually appealing window surface. The finishing also makes the window particularly dirt-repellent.

Window coating in the twinkling of an eye

It has never been so easy to paint uPVC windows. With the one-time painting, the gaskets, the rebate area and even the welding seams get simply painted at the same time, so that time-consuming reworking can be completely dispensed with. During the development, particular emphasis was placed on ease of processing: the high stability, excellent opacity and absence of edge alignment leave nothing to be desired for the painter.

Buy white windows - fulfil every customer wish

ADLER's extensive product range gives an unlimited variety of colour shades, all RAL and NCS colours can be tinted with the ADLER│Mix colour mixing system. By adding various structural and metallic pastes, special effects and structures can also be achieved - allowing window manufacturers to respond individually to every customer requirement.


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    Step 1: Cleaning and preparing uPVC windows

    Remove any unstable materials such as transparencies, labels, or the like from the window.
    Clean the uPVC window withADLER Polyactive SB.
    Pay special attention to thorough cleaning: The surface must be dry, clean and stable. Furthermore, the uPVC surface must be kept free of separating substances such as grease, waxes, silicones, etc. and free of dust. Check the substrate for suitability for coating! Allow the cleaning detergent to evaporate from the window for at least 10 minutes and always paint over with Polycolor 2K SQ within the next 50 minutes! 

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    Step 2: Prepare products

    Stir the Polycolor 2K SQ with the appropriate hardener in a mixing ratio of 100 : 5.
    (Note: Deviations lead to film and adhesion problems)!
    Note: The hardener must be stirred into the paint component. Wait another 10 minutes.
    ATTENTION: The pot life is 2 hours (an increased paint or ambient temperature leads to a shortening of the pot life).

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    Step 3: Painting PVC windows

    Then fill your AirMix unit with the mixed 2-component paint material. For this application example, the following spray nozzle was used: Hole 0.011 inch, spraying angle 30°.
    Paint the window in the desired colour (here RAL7036 platinum grey was applied). Due to the optimal opacity of the Polycolor 2K SQ finish, the window only needs to be painted once with a wet film thickness of 150 µm.

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    Step 4: Drying

    Allow the window to dry for approx. 12 hours at room temperature; drying depends on substrate, layer thickness, ambient temperature, air exchange and relative humidity.
    After a flash-off time of approx. 10-15 minutes, we have dried the windows in a halogen dryer. The drying time is approx. 1 -2 hours - however, the hardness is only reached after several days as cross-linking reactions still take place.
    Note: Basically the drying time depends on several parameters and the mentioned numbers are approximate values.  Low temperatures and/or high humidity can prolong the drying time.

    Please refer to the technical data sheet for more detailed processing information!

  5. FAQ:

    Can PVC windows be painted?
    Yes. The water-based, two-component Polycolor 2K SQ coating system gives a finish to PVC windows, doors and garden furniture. It impresses with its high scratch resistance and can be applied by spraying.

    What colors are available for plastic windows?
    The Polycolor 2K SQ coating system can be tinted in all RAL and NCS colors. This results in an extremely wide range of colors and design options for your vinyl windows.

    How many coating processes are necessary when coating plastic windows?
    For optimum opacity, it is sufficient to coat the Polycolor 2K SQ coating system only once with a wet film thickness of 150 µm.

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