Preserving wood windows and checking the paint work for defects

Regular care is the essential prerequisite for the long-term durability of your wooden windows. ADLER has developed a care set that is simple and efficient to use.

Heavier damage caused by hail…
…or chipped paint make a renovation necessary

Wooden windows create a comfortable indoor climate at any time of year and protect against noise and environmental pollution. They have natural, heat-insulating properties and are superior to other window constructions in this respect. Weather influences such as sun, wind and humidity, however, stress your wooden windows daily and can lead to unattractive cracks, washing out, algae or greying. We will show you how you can prevent these problems efficiently and easily.

ADLER care for woodn windows



  1. Step 1 – ADLER Top-Cleaner

    Clean the surface with warm water, in which you mix a few splashes of ADLER Top-Cleaner. Then apply ADLER Top-Cleaner undiluted with a cleaning cloth and wipe off carefully. This allows even coarser dirt to be easily removed.

  2. Step 2 – ADLER Top-Finish

    Shake ADLER Top-Finish before use. Then apply it thinly to the clean, dry surface using the practical window tool application pad. The ADLER Fenstertool facilitates the application of narrow wooden parts. The sliding spacer prevents coating of the silicone joint. If you have applied a little too much ADLER Top-Finish, you should wipe it off with a cleaning cloth.

  3. Check the paint!

    It is particularly important checking regularly your wooden windows for paint damages, in order to ensure that you do not overlook the time for maintenance or renovation work and that the damage may already be too far advanced.

  4. Fine, invisible hairline cracks can be avoided using the ADLER Care Set Plus anually. If, however, your windows are damaged by hail or greying, a renovation is unavoidable. The exact instructions for window renovation can be found under Tips & Tricks for window renovation with the ADLER Pullex Renovation System.

    With these tips you are guaranteed to enjoy your wooden windows for a long time. According to the ADLER motto "time flies, but not for your windows".



    Window refurbishment with ADLER Pullex

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