White staircase dream - Like floating on a cloud

There are many types of staircases. Modular staircases, free-standing staircases, saddled staircases, newel staircases, collapsible staircases. However, the greatest challenge are the projecting staircases: Each step sets off from the wall as if free-floating. The staircase is reduced to the absolute minimum, and charms with its lightness and elegance. The South Tyrolean staircase builder Thomaseth has created a showpiece of this challenging type of staircase. In a single-family home in Corvara in the Ladin Val Badia, a truly heavenly ascent device leads to higher spheres.

Slender and beautiful

A young architect couple planned the house for themselves, and therefore had very specific ideas. Every step needed to have a solid width of 1.20 m, and only be as thick as absolutely necessary - these were the wishes of DI Birgit Kostner and DI Oliver Dullnig. A wish that Stefan Thomaseth and his employees fulfilled with great inventive talent and high professionalism: "We wanted to avoid the usual, expensive metal substructure, and therefore tried out a new anchoring system", says Thomaseth. This required complex stress tests, which the new method passed with flying colours. Now every step is a slender seven centimetres - and despite this lightness it is firmly rooted in the concrete wall. Without any visible anchor.

White stamina

Speaking of seeing: It is the colour of the staircase that really attracts attention. In a stylish white, it fits perfectly into the architect's modern interior design. Just like the kitchen furniture and the walls, it creates a beautiful contrast to the dark wooden floor. However, white is a very daring colour for staircases, which are literally trampled on every day. "This is why a particularly robust coating was necessary. We applied the ADLER PUR-Spritzfüller white (colour shade RAL 9016) twice to the MDF boards. Two layers of the pigment paint ADLER Pigmopur G50 were added on top, also in RAL 9016. And the necessary resistance of the high stress surface was ensured by two layers of the clear paint ADLER PUR-Strong with gloss level G30", explains Thomaseth. He loves to work with ADLER, "because the service we get through the sales representative Attilio Fuchs from Nordwal is simply exceptional. Other paint manufacturers cannot keep up."

Artisan touch

There is also barely anyone who can keep up with the Thomaseth experience: The carpentry in Kastelruth has specialised for the past 26 years in high quality, customised staircase construction. The 5-man business develops unique solutions for every connection between two levels, each customer is involved with his or her ideas and wishes from the planning stage through production and painting and all the way to assembly. A love of detail and craftiness give each project a very personal touch. This is why Thomaseth staircases are in such high demand - you can find his creations from Reggio Calabria to Frankfurt. And they always take you higher and higher up!

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