The best conceivable workplaces

"The back of the eagle is accustomed to the sun." Saying from Uganda

The office furniture of Bene is coated with ADLER water-based paints and varnishes.
The ADLER Pullex Bodenöl protects the floor made of thermal pine on the covered terrace.
A large window and a visible lamp, radiating light like a star, provide proper illumination.
The wood elements made of Oakwood are all preserved with the help of ADLER products.
The main actor in the conference hall, 'Panorama' - a 6-metre long table made of Oakwood branches and protected with ADLER Legnopur.

ADLER is no longer a fledgling since quite some time and the company is growing. And where does an eagle migrate when the eyrie becomes too small? Of course, to greater heights and towards the sun! This is why there was no doubt about the decision to undertake expansion of the administrative building not in terms of area but with an addition floor. The ingredients for the best conceivable workplaces: Plenty of wood, plenty of light and protection and colour from ADLER. 

Brightness and Wood

This is where decisions are taken, ideas are born, and this where the future of the organisation is already the present tense: The new third floor of the administrative building in Schwaz houses the rooms of the Corporate Management (Directors), a large conference hall with an all-round view of the surroundings and the offices of the Finance and Accounts departments. "The perfect ambience for visions of the future and accuracy should be created, in other words, the perfect workplace", says Claudia Berghofer, who has coordinated and designed the expansion with great affection and in detail with the architects. "Hence, it was our desire to have plenty of brightness and plenty of wood – the most natural of all materials and the source of daily bread for all ADLER employees. Moreover, we took some tips and ideas from a Feng-Shui consultant."
The six-metre long table made of branches of Oakwood in the conference hall, "Panorama", is preserved by the unbeatable 

ADLER Legnopur in G10 degree of gloss and protected from scratches. The office furniture from Bene, be it light-coloured Oakwood or top coated with coloured paint, have all been coated with water-based systems from ADLER – just as everything else is coated at Bene in Waidhofen (A). 

Natural character and Preservation

Beyond the 2nd floor, spruce wood walls have been used as the cross-over layout element in the staircase to the new floor. A large window and another visible lamp, radiating light like a star, provide spectacular illumination here. Hence, protection is provided against yellowing by the colourless interior glaze finish ADLER Lignovit Interior UV 100. The same is true of the wooden acoustic ceiling made of sophisticated silver fir. This too, cannot be harmed by the sun, just as the back of the eagle, as the Ugandan saying goes.
"The ceiling made of wooden slats, complete parquet flooring and the wooden windows lend a warm ambience and atmosphere to the office", is the feedback given by the employees. All these elements have something in common: they appear wonderfully natural and give exactly the same feeling to the touch. This is why the wood must not be unprotected, and, on the contrary. The solid wood parquet is sealed using ADLER Floor-Start and Floor-Finish. The spruce windows have to thank the topcoat of colourless Aquawood Lärchenöl (Larch oil) for their natural feeling of warmth. And when we are already outside: The covered terrace is privileged to have a floor made of thermal pine with Pullex Bodenöl (Floor oil) in Java colour shade. The facade has to thank the combination of the red windows and the spruce wood coated with Pullex Silverwood for its modern look. A generous canopy serves as a constructive protection for the wood, and it also prevents the rooms from getting overheated. Its bottom view is kept bright with Lignovit Protect so that plenty pf daylight reaches into the offices via light reflection.

Such design and layout highlights, for which in-house products were used, still had many others to be listed from the complete product range. All in all, it was all about one aspect: To use natural materials, modern design, plenty of light and a pleasant range of colours to create workplaces at which people are happy to work and can work well.

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