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Sunrise in the kitchen

Stained by hand with the Patinabeize from ADLER. Photo: Gabriel Forcher joinery
ADLER Legnopur preserves the beauty of the kitchen. Photo: Gabriel Forcher joinery
The head of the surface department Hans Gomig with his jewel. Photo: Gabriel Forcher joinery
Moiré side table from the Forcher collection, refined with ADLER Legno oil. Photo: Gabriel Forcher joinery

Slowly, very slowly, the sky turns first pink, then a shade of yellow, then bright orange. The first of the sun's rays lifts over the mountain tops, bathing the peaks in bright light, which slowly spreads into the valley. A sunrise like this in the majestic East Tyrolean mountains is really something to behold. The Lienz furniture manufacturer Forcher has always taken inspiration from nature, as such it has also harnessed the wonder of nature for an extraordinary project: The first kitchen design from Forcher comes in a sunrise concept.


Beds, benches, tables, cupboards – Gabriel Forcher Tischlerei GmbH from East Tyrol has made a name for itself with high-quality design furniture. The company regularly wins international awards and prizes. Its latest successes include an "Iconic Award" for the "Jakob" and "Emma" benches, the "Moiré" side table and a kitchen. Stop! A Forcher kitchen? Suchlike has never existed before! That's right, because the exceptional kitchen is a prototype, a unique piece. "For us, it was always clear that if Forcher ever designed a kitchen, it would have to radiate the highest quality craftsmanship and combine only the most beautiful and most functional materials," says designer Philipp Profer from the Forcher design team. And so, after many sketches, drafts and material tests, the "fk01", the first Forcher concept kitchen, was born.


Like all Forcher furniture, the kitchen is simple, clear and linear. The wooden cubic body is covered with a worktop made from the Italian high-tech material Fenix: the super-matt nano surface is scratch and impact resistant, antibacterial and heat-resistant. But the extraordinary "Ombre" finish makes the kitchen a real eye-catcher: "We developed it expressly for the concept kitchen," Profer explains. The front colour ranges from a light to a darker shade. This is made possible by the steady hand, good eye, skilled craftsmanship and experience of the painter Hans Gomig (left) – and the Patinabeize from ADLER. The head of the Forcher surface department applies the stain tinted with the ADLER Solva-Tint colour batch by hand. "This adds a vibrancy to the process that could never be achieved by machine," enthuses Profer. The oak body was previously primed with  ADLER PUR-Strong. A top coat with ADLER Legnopur preserves the beauty of the kitchen. Bringing the sunrise into the kitchen like this is a wonderful idea. Let's hope that the prototype will soon become a Forcher collection!

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