Fashion takes centre stage

For some people it's a favourite leisure activity, for others something they hate: shopping is a subject where opinions can differ widely. One thing is for certain, however: it's not just about the rails of sweaters, shirts and trousers that you have to wade through – the way they are presented and the atmosphere of the shop can make a big difference in terms of making shopping either an enjoyable experience or simply a task that has to be dealt with. The German fashion company Marc Cain has therefore decided to take full control of their own shop design: every one of the Marc Cain Monolabel stores, of which there are more than 100 worldwide, as well as their showrooms and offices, is designed in-house and the components manufactured in their own carpentry workshop – and finished with paints and varnishes by ADLER.

Showcasing their collections

Aside from fashion, architecture is the second big passion of Helmut Schlotterer, who founded Marc Cain exactly 50 years ago. It was and still is therefore very clear to him that it would not only be his fashion collection that is produced in their knitwear factory in Bodelshausen (Baden-Württemberg) but also the display stands, shelving units and interior design fittings for their stores. They have their own Interiors Department with a 22-strong team of architects, industrial designers, draughtsmen and women, project coordinators, warehousing experts and carpenters, who together take on the task of store design. "We see each store as an individual project. We don't simply want to "impose" a pre-designed shop concept on the space in question but rather to take into account the existing features of the space, the surrounding environment and perhaps also historical elements of the building, and to combine these with our own Marc Cain style to give each shop its own fascinating look," explains Head of Department Tatjana Haag. And what does this Marc Cain style look like? The fashion company deliberately uses a scaled-back design for their interiors, with clear lines and monochrome surfaces: this is to ensure that their colourful fashion collection can take centre stage – the role of the interior fittings is to showcase the collection, not to compete with it. To create a successful shopping experience, the Interiors Team are increasingly including "community" areas in their designs, where persons accompanying the shopper can relax over a cup of coffee or where the shopper can make a toast to a successful purchase with a glass of prosecco.

The latest fashion: pastels

Fashion trends are part of Marc Cain's everyday business – and that also applies to shop design. Whereas a classic white look has been popular for a long time, the Interiors Team are now increasingly focusing on pastel shades. For example, the Interior Department's latest "baby", the new Marc Cain store in ’s-Hertogenbosch in the south of the Netherlands, has been given an inviting atmosphere in warm pastel pink and pale grey. The monochrome surfaces provide an attractive contrast to the dark herringbone parquet flooring and the solid wood ceiling beams of this listed building in the old city centre of ’s-Hertogenbosch. The shop has also been fitted out with a sophisticated lighting concept that seems to be having a dialogue with the glossy display stands and shelving units. "We deliberately use a high degree of gloss for our furniture. This not only means that the items of furniture are less sensitive and easier to clean – the reflection of light also helps to create a bright, expansive atmosphere in our stores and perfectly showcases our collections," explains Tatjana Haag. To achieve these perfect surfaces, the Marc Cain carpentry workshop always uses coatings by ADLER: the film-covered MDF boards are first of all filled using PUR-Ecofill and then given a topcoat of 2C high-gloss Pigmopur Gloss NG in the chosen colour. Its excellent resistance means that the surface is given the best possible protection against undesirable encounters with long finger nails or falling coat hangers. At the same time, it provides an outstanding degree of shine and flawless luminance, ensuring a well-lit stage for the undisputed star of the show: Marc Cain's fashion collection.

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