Studeny winery

Immerse and emerge

With its red façade visible from afar, the tasting room invites people to immerse themselves in the world of wine. Photo: Heinz Schmölzer & Oberstaller/Sammer
The unobtrusive furnishings focus the senses on the essential – the wine. Photo: Heinz Schmölzer & Oberstaller/Sammer
The well thought out lighting concept ensures a cosy atmosphere. Photo: Heinz Schmölzer & Oberstaller/Sammer
The offset panel structure motif can also be found in the interior. Photo: Heinz Schmölzer & Oberstaller/Sammer
Photo: Heinz Schmölzer & Oberstaller/Sammer

Wine. Which colour comes to your mind? Red or white? That depends on personal taste. The Studeny winery in Obermarkersdorf (A) offers both colours – not only in the bottles in the cellar, but also on the interior and exterior walls of the extraordinary tasting room, which sits at the top of a vineyard in the middle of the wine region.


In order to immerse into the world of wine, the visitors first have to go underground: through a tunnel doorway they enter a mystical room: “We wanted to take up the theme of the old underground sandstone cellar, but bring it into the present in architectural terms,” the Architekten Christophe Oberstaller und Andreas Sammerexplain. They managed to do this by using a rough exposed concrete formwork. Its panel-like structure is reminiscent of the inside of a wine barrel. “However, it is also an abstraction of the various layers of sand and earth, as can be found in the historic sandstone cellars in our area,” say the planners from Retz. Shafts and points of light create a cosy, fascinating atmosphere.


The view through a glass door into the adjoining production area is also fascinating. Here, wine-lovers can watch how the grapes end up in the press and are turned step by step into fine wines. But enough of looking – those who prefer to taste need to venture into higher realms: the guests take a reinforced concrete staircase up to the tasting room – a pavilion that picks up on the theme of the exposed concrete formwork from the cellar in the design of its façade. But here the architects really opted for wood: spruce elements of different lengths and widths are overlaid like a displaced mosaic. Their colour gives away the fact that it is all about wine here. Oberstaller and Sammer make the slightly tilting lightweight construction, which opens up into the vineyard on three sides, radiate in a powerful red – using ADLER Lignovit Platin in the colour Rubinrot [Ruby Red]. “My father-in-law is a joiner and has enthused over ADLER paints his whole life long”.


The coherent furnishings are down to the interior designer, Rainer Schmircher, who was able to resort to the competence and skills of Schmircher GmbH with a joinery in Kleinriedenthal and a design furniture studio in Hollabrunn. The tables, benches and cabinets are also finished with ADLER Pigmopur White and ADLER Pigmotop as well as ADLER Legno-Öl. A glass or two can be enjoyed in relaxation in their surroundings. The only question remains: Red or white?

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