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Photography: Atelier Citronenrot
Light, colour, openness - the result of a joint, creative process. Photography: Atelier Citronenrot
Atmosphere to relax in thanks to stained solid wood. Photography: Atelier Citronenrot
Photography: Atelier Citronenrot
Photography: Atelier Citronenrot

Going into the office on a morning with four white walls, sitting at a standardised desk and leaving again in the evening? These days are past! At least they are at Alcatel-Lucent in Vienna, where on the 13th and 14th floor of the Saturn Tower a workplace has emerged that looks more like a landscape than offices: flexible, dynamic, communicative. The flexible workplace concept measures 3,100 square metres, where 170 work stations, 18 retreat areas, 3 quiet booths and 13 meeting rooms harmoniously interact and always offer the employees the right space for what they are doing at any moment.


“In what kind of premises does a dynamic, flexible, mobile organisation like Alcatel-Lucent work? What must the office look like that not only makes this work possible but encourages it? How do we manage to ensure that the office is also equipped for future developments?”. These are the questions that architect Klaus Rösel asked himself at the start of the project. His answer: colours and materials create homely areas with different benefits. Besides fabric, glass and concrete, one of these materials is wood, solid spruce – not an obvious choice for an office project of these dimensions. The firm responsible for the wood and all the special furniture, with which the architect brings individual design and flexibility to the spaces, was the Lower Austrian cabinet-maker, Tischlerei Krumböck. “For us at the company carrying out the job, it is great to work on a project where every detail counts and value is placed on natural materials like solid wood” 


“The break areas bear the signature of the Alcatel-Lucent employees. Furniture, colours and finishes are the result of a joint, creative process, which gives people the chance to show off their strengths and makes them proud of their contribution to the success,” explains architect, Klaus Rösel. The natural wood surfaces in a homely and yet modern vintage look were part of this process and it is no wonder that the people prefer natural materials like wood for the surroundings where they spend the majority of their day. So much individuality can be implemented with planners like Klaus Rösel von Interpool and contractors like Tischlerei Krumböck. And at the end, 170 people have a workplace that is so much more than an office where they go in on a morning and leave again on an evening.

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