Neat thirst-quencher: coffee & charcoal

Opened up it offers a seat to enjoy a coffee.

Coffee break: pure relaxation. A short time-out during the working day. Gathering strength, a few minutes to yourself. Chatting with colleagues or discussing something in a relaxed atmosphere. The perfect break also needs the right surroundings. After all, it is not the shot of caffeine that attracts us, but the pleasant atmosphere. "Drinking culture" is called for! The Oldenburg Chamber of Trade also shared this view: when it came to the preparatory project for the master carpenters’ exam, the participants were asked to create a "Neat thirst-quencher" – in other words a piece of furniture that was conducive to drinking culture.


For Marc Nowak it was obvious that his piece of furniture had to house a coffee machine: "Whenever I drive along the A1 in Bremen and get a slight coffee aroma up my nose from the Jacobs factory, what I most want to do is immediately take a break, drink a cup of coffee and relax for a few minutes," he says. The master student therefore made a coffee bar: "So sleek that it could be placed in any workshop or canteen – but nevertheless so special that it catches the eye and invites you to enjoy a drink."
The man from Lower Saxony therefore built a carcass made of black, through-dyed MDF. The coffee machine sits classically enthroned on the shelf area with room for glasses and cups above it. Yet the real highlight is hidden behind two doors in the bottom part of the piece of furniture: two stools and a small table can be taken out of it. An ideal place to enjoy a drink now and then.


Because coffee really arouses the senses, Nowak did not want to hold back on the surface either. He therefore finished the MDF surfaces with ADLER Legno-Öl, tinted with the colour "Kohle" [charcoal] and farblos [colourless]. Yes, that's right – even in the far north of Germany, the products from Tyrol are becoming better known and more popular.

ADLER field sales representative, Thomas Zabel, was therefore particularly pleased that Novak was able to win over the jury with his ADLER workpiece. His project was unanimously voted the winner of the "Neat thirst-quencher" competition. We offer our congratulations – and hope to meet some time for a coffee!

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