Clubbing, partying and flying high with ADLER

An Ukrainian bar-lounge relies on ADLER

The parquet floors in the “Barbaris” bar lounge in the Ukrainian Schytomyr have no problem when nights take long. Thanks to ADLER Floor-Classic and Floor-Finish they resist easily to stresses and strains of a clubbing night and even to the sharpest high-heels.


Schytomyr can justifiably be described as a contemplative small town: 300.000 inhabitants, gardens, parks and green avenues. The most exiting object of interest is the cosmonautic travelling museum, dedicated to a well known Soviet Scientist and to space travelling. But Schytomyr has another aspect too: Now revellers find luxury and glamour in the town! You only need to enter the new pub “Barbaris” – Schytomyrs’ first bar-lounge. Ultrafashionable!

During the day the new scene pub attracts the local population and the tourists with its extraordinary menu. The creative cook is mixing ingredients of the most different national kitchens: Indian, Chinese, French, Italian. The results are original dishes and luxury experiences of taste. In the evening the taste adventures come more from the cocktail glasses, because at that time of day the “Barbaris” is converting into an after-work-lounge for chilling and clubbing.


For the furniture the designers count on a mixture of natural materials and trendy furniture, offering luxury and relaxation at the same. Important for a good visited pub like the Barbaris is not only a beautiful appearance, but that the furniture bears to all requirements. Particularly the trendy stairs and the parquet floor made from oak wood have to resist considerably, after all they are daily tested on their hardness by innumerable visitors – be it when standing for a small-talk, be it for flirting.

That is why a varnish was asked for which presents an excellent surface resistance and nevertheless accentuates the natural aspect of the wood. And the realising company “Tradicija CTI” found that in the ADLER parquet varnishes. The sealing with Floor-Classic and Floor-Finish guarantees an anti-slip floor highly resistant to abrasion and scratches. No matter when during a cheerful clubbing night some drink is slipped: The parquet sealers from ADLER offer protection even to water spots, dirt and discolouring so that the owners can enjoy for a long time their beautiful parquet floor where daily new guests are walking with their high-heels, have fun and enjoy a nice evening.

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