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Old wood finish "Burnt" for furniture

With ADLER you can achieve a gorgeous old wood finish on new wooden surfaces in almost no time.

Make old from new – wonderfully beautiful old wood in only two days instead of twenty years.
The right substrate - here: Spruce
Step 1 – apply a bright stain
Step 2 – apply a primer coat of PUR-Lack
Steps 3 - 5 – sand the surface ...
... sand it ...
... and drill worm holes
Steps 6 and 7 – apply dark stains ...
... and wash them out
Step 8 – apply the topcoat

There are only few materials that become increasingly more beautiful as they age. Wood is definitely one of these materials. This is why old wood is currently the latest sought-after trend. Hotel lobbies, kitchen front-ends, living room boards – old wood matches with anything and anywhere, and can even be combined with the latest materials or high gloss.
there is a catch: Old wood is not particularly easy or affordable to get. However, you can forget this problem now! With ADLER you can easily achieve a gorgeous old wood effect on new spruce or larch wood. ADLER application technician, Wolfgang Eder, illustrates step by step how it works :



  1. Substrate

    Here: Spruce wood, uniformly thick, brushed using a plastic brush. Also larch wood is suitable to achieve the old-wood-effect.

  2. Step 1 – bright stain

    Stain the surface once with ADLER Positiv-Plus. Klaus Moser uses a mixture here of one part of Positiv Plus in spruce finish, boiled, and two parts of colourless.

  3. Step 2 – Primer application

    After the surface has been left overnight to dry, use a PUR coat to apply the primer. Wolfgang Eder used ADLER Legnopur G10.

  4. Steps 3 – Smoothening, sanding

    After about three to five hours, you can sand the wood using the abrasive fleece. Afterwards, sand off the annual rings using sand paper of grain size 150.

  5. Step 4 - Wormholes

    The icing on the cake on the old wood finish are the wormholes: they come off quickly and easily with a flat drill.

  6. Steps 5 – Dark stain

    Now the surface is ready for the dark stains. In this case, the choice is ADLER Aqua Classic in the nut colour shade. You can either spray the stains or apply them with a brush.

  7. Steps 6 – Washing out

    Subsequently, they are washed away with a moist cloth.

  8. Step 7 – Topcoat

    After the stains have dried for at least five hours, the last thing to make the old-wood-effect look perfect is the top-coat. For the top coat blend ADLER PUR-Naturmatt with 0.5 per cent Solva-Tint in white colour shade. Apply the topcoat. It is ready!

  9. Finished surface

    Make old from new – wonderfully beautiful old wood in only two days instead of twenty years.

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