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The bathhouse at the lake Attersee

Thanks PULLEX Holzschutz the fairy house is braving wind and weather

Fotohinweis: Edith Maul-Röder
Fotohinweis: Edith Maul-Röder
Fotohinweis: Edith Maul-Röder
Fotohinweis: Edith Maul-Röder
Fotohinweis: Edith Maul-Röder
Fotohinweis: Edith Maul-Röder

In the movie "The Lake House" it is the place where a couple in love could meet, even when living in different periods. A place far away from each rationality, not touched by the present because more important things take place there. Under best circumstances all this apply to a resort. If it offers to much quietness that the perspective of life and love changes in a positive way. Such a place might be the bathhouse at the lake Attersee, which is offering to its residents, in harmony with nature and lake, a comforting hostel, reduced on the essential. 

A lovely dream

Once upon a time there was a small, single room workshop, nothing in particular, but with an unique position: directly located at the west bank of the lake Attersee, in the midst of nature, with view over the mountain Höllengebirge and the massif of the Schafberg. It's a long time ago that they did timbering there, but certainly the heirs would not even dream to give up such a small cottage - rather they had modified it to their dream-cottage. The fairy godmohter who assumed this exercise was called  Franz Josef Maul from the architecture office Luger & Maul in Wels. And far-seeing like a fairy godmother he had to work hard, because the particular place doesn't offer only much loveliness, but also special requirements.

Open the drop curtain

The dimensions of the original building had not to be transgressed. In the landscape protection area any building project requires a special authorization. So it was a presetting from the local authority for landscape protection that the house not may "appear like a residential building". All the same, Franz Josef Maul succeeded to confer a particular commodity to the bath- and summer cottage. "That is how we resolved the problem:" says Franz Josef Maul, "An atmospheric layer of vertical latting is covering the house like a dress. And even around all windows. Like a curtain it is forming vertical antithesis to the horizontal of the platform and the see". If nobody is there, the house looks like a refuge, windows and doors are closed. "Using retractable, folding and sliding mechanism all can be opened and the visual field deblocked. Large glass doors open the south side and two windows offer the vista to the sea", explains Mr. Maul.

A summer fairy tale

In all ranks the involvement of nature could be realized. With the exception of the base the architect opted for a completely CO² neutral wood construction. The renewable and environmentally friendly row material fits in enjoyably in the landscape. "For the exterior surface we chose a grey, transparent wood preservative, so the little cotagge could be blended in discreetly in the lake's embankment", says Mr. Maul. This kind of wood preservative is called

Pullex Silverwood and comes from ADLER. Pullex Silverwood doesn't only protect the wood, but anticipates in an elegant way the natural greying and therefore confers to the wood for a long time a uniform appearance. So the small romance house is braving wind and weather while it is waiting for his summerlike owners. Then all hidden windows and doors will open, the terrace moves into a diving board leading to the cool lake and the summer fairy tale can start...

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