Wood construction & Facades

Passive residential complex, Samer Mösl

"Gold" for Silverwood

Innovative living

93 submissions, ten nominations and finally, four awards: The state prize for architecture and sustainability was awarded in Vienna at the end of May. Those projects were honoured that combined sophisticate building art with resource-conserving construction methods. "The magnificent examples in the competition make it clear that the subject of sustainability gains an attraction and increasingly stimulates builders to set new standards", explains the Minister for Environment, Mr. Niki Berlakovich, at the presentation ceremony.

Excellent facility

The winning quartet also includes the Samer Mösl residential complex in Salzburg – with 60 residential units, the largest multi-storey passive residential complex in Austria.

According to the jury, the construction establishes that good architecture and sustainable construction are possible even within the limitations of social residential building construction. The use of concrete is limited to the cellar floor and the staircase skeleton. The external walls consists exclusively of pre-fabricated, cellulose-insulated and open-diffusion wooden locking members.

The innovative residential complex in Salzburg was built by Meiberger Holzbau of Lofer, and the coating used was that from ADLER: Pullex Silverwood combats the "shadowed sides" of the sun and prevents the wooden facade from changing to an unsightly grey. More than 4,000 litres of the innovative Imprägnierlasur (penetrant glaze finish) provide a uniform, old-brown patina finish. We congratulate the winner – and are also happy to share the joy!

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