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Sophisticated sheen or cool patina: The ADLER real metal coatings made of copper, brass, bronze or tin offer the right metal for every taste.

Warm Brass glance or cool Vintag-look
Step 1: PUR-Ecofil Weiß (White) is the ideal basis for ADLER Real Metal Coatings
Step 2: Aquafix Brass must be carefully and stired
Step 3: Sand it in stages with rising grit size for the authentic metal effect
Step 3: The effect comes from the spray bottle
Step 4: Top coat
Used ADLER-Products

Not only hard iron, but also refined and warm non-ferrous metals are taking hold in the living area. The ADLER real metal coatings made of copper, brass, bronze or tin offer the right metal for every taste. Those who prefer striking accents should resort to the spray bottle: the specially developed oxidation solution,

ADLER Aquafix Blue-Patina, makes a cool vintage look possible for non-ferrous metals too. And ADLER shows you step by step how this effect works:



  1. Step 1: Preparing the substrate

    The ideal basis for the ADLER real metal coating is PUR-Ecofill Weiß [white]. After a single spray application, the filled, dried area is sanded with grit size 240 directly before painting.

  2. Step 2: Mixing & spraying brass paint

    For the ADLER brass paint, mix 400 g of Aqua-Pure- Metal, 5 % Aqua-PUR-Härter and 1000 g of Aquafix Messing. It is particularly important to stir carefully without lumps – this is best done by machine with a basket mixer. The best result is achieved with a single generous application (around 500 - 800 g per square metre) with a compressed-air cup gun.

  3. Step 3: Sanding the real brass coating and applying the top coat

    For the intensive metal effect and authentic sheen, after a drying time of at least five hours, sand with increasing grit size: 180 – 240 – 360 – 600 – 1000 – 1500 and 3000. Remove sanding dust carefully with ADLER Spezial- Verdünnung. The top coat is done using ADLER Tiropur or Pigmotop in gloss level G70. 

  4. Step 3: Patina effect

    For those who would prefer to also enjoy non-ferrous metals in a vintage look, ADLER has the right “oxida-tion solution” – Aquafix Blue-Patina. For this effect too, a drying time for the real metal layer of at least five hours, even better overnight, is maintained and sanded in stages, but only with grit size 220, 400 up to 600. Depending on taste, the product is applied unevenly, over the whole area or on select parts. 

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