Wood construction & Facades

Come to stay

Anyone who comes here is happy to stay. Or come again. For exactly eight years, the STAY.Inn Hotel has provided all those coming to Schwaz a place to stay. With modern design, stylish furnishing and unique service including 24-hour check-in, the hotel scores well among business travellers and tourists alike. Strong and light colours in an elegant combination convey a friendly, inviting impression - even at first glance: because the light grey facade with the bright yellow balconies, the hotel sign in the same colour and the matching shutters makes the sleek, cubic building a real eye-catcher.

New Coat

Yet the passage of time and over a hundred thousand guests have left their mark on the building: "The facade had suffered somewhat over the years, which is why we treated it to a new coat virtually to mark its eighth birthday," explains Managing Director, Martin Winderl. For this purpose, he turned confidently to the local expert, master decorator Christoph Sillaber from the painting firm, Schwazer Malerei Sillaber.

Protection & Beauty

"We are often confronted with the problem that facades, on which only a coloured render has been used and which have not been painted, get dirty relatively quickly. Dirt particles soon build up in the open pores," the expert explains. "We therefore first washed down the facade with steam and then painted it twice with Aviva Tirosilc-Color in the original colour," reports Sillaber. Not only does the wall thus shine in new splendour, but is also better protected against dirt in future. And although the innovative paint seals the pores, thus protecting against the penetration of dirt, water or mildew, it nevertheless remains breathable.

Perfect Partner

The Sillaber painters also made the relatively high base stand out in a somewhat darker shade of grey. Naturally again with Aviva Tirsolic-Color - because the innovative product simply matches the innovative STAY.Inn perfectly. After all, it comes from ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik, Austria's leading paint manufacturer, also resident in Schwaz. And when ADLER has guests, which is very often the case, they usually sleep at the STAY.Inn. In this way they experience what ADLER and STAY.Inn stand for equally as soon as they arrive: lasting quality!

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