1. Pretreatment of the substrate
Interior doors

Varnishing doors with Aqua-Nova Pro

Low-odour, easy to work with, perfect result: the waterbased varnish for professionals ADLER Aqua-Nova Pro enthuses the painters.

1. Pretreatment of the substrate
2. Primer coat
3. Addition of hardener
4. Primer coat
5. Intermediate sanding
6. Application of 2nd coating

With the new product Aqua-Nova Pro ADLER succeeded tu dispose of all problems of synthetic-resin varnishes at one go once and for all: The varnish does not yellow, does not stink and dries fast. Also the processing is entirely straightforward, whether with or without the addition of hardener, as proofed by our step by step instruction manual.



  1. Step 1 - Pretreatment of the substrate

    Sand the old coating with the Exzentergrinder and the grain size of 220. This ensures a clean substrate. Clean the surface thoroughly from the grinding dust!

  2. Step 2 - Primer coat

    Through the grinding the bare metal comes to light in some areas. In order to reach the perfect adherence, it is necessary to prime one time with Aqua-Multiprimer Pro – using a brush or a roller depending on preference. The primer coat hast to dry at least 6 hours before the first coating.

  3. Step 3 - 1st Coating

    Apply varnish as usual, whether with brush or with roller. The varnish spreads very efficiently; because it is a waterbased varnish, it also becomes touch dry fast. This is why it is recommended to paint the surface quickly and later not to correct the painted surfaces anymore.

    The paint for professionals is available in 3 gloss levels:
    matt: Aqua-Nova Pro M
    silk-glossy: Aqua-Nova Pro SG
    silk matt: Aqua-Nova Pro SM

  4. Step 4 - Intermediate sanding

    After 6 hours the surface is ready for intermediate sanding with grain size 240. Remove again the grinding dust thorougly from the surface!  

  5. Step 5 - 2nd Coating

    Now the second coat can be applied. After 6 hours the varnish is dry – without odour nuisance, but on a highquality surface.


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