Remove fungus from the wall and prevent its formation successfully

Fungus in the residential premises is an omnipresent problem these days and, in most cases, depends on the type of construction as well as the material and atmospheric humidity. With the help of ADLER products for combating fungus, you can remove fungus from any wall easily and quickly. And, this is how it's done ...

Fungus in residential premises - removal using ADLER SchimmelEX
ADLER SchimmelEX Antischimmelspray (anti-fungus spray)
Removing fungus with the ADLER brush
Recoating with ADLER FormelSan, the highly effective anti-fungal paint
Combating fungus effectively with ADLER FormelSan
The complete ADLER SchimmelEX package for fungus removal

Steps to combat mould and mildew

The first step is to determine the cause of the mould on the wall. As a first measure, rooms affected by mould should be immediately ventilated and dried out so that further growth of the mould is prevented.


Prevent fungus and moulds successfully

The best measure to provide protection against fungal growth on the wall is to ventilate the residential premises in order to release the moisture required for the growth of the fungus into the outdoor air.

Products to combat fungus

The easiest way is to remove the fungus from your wall using the complete ADLER SchimmelEX package.

ADLER SchimmelEx complete package consists of: 

  • 500 ml SchimmelEx Antischimmelspray (anti-fungal spray)
  • 750 ml FormelSan Antischimmelfarbe (anti-fungal paint)
  • Brush
  • Instructions for fungus removal


ADLER Fungisan: Concentrate for combating fungus and algae on large surface areas

ADLER Medicolor: Highly effective anti-bacterial wall paint.


  1. Step 1 - Remove mould

    For the removal of mould from walls and ceilings, the chlorine-free anti mould spray AVIVA SchimmelEx Chlorine-free is suitable. The spray is simply sprayed onto the affected areas and washed off with water after a contact time of 5 - 10 minutes. In case of strong infestation or highly absorbent substrates, we recommend using the product twice. Allow the wall to dry thoroughly after treatment before repainting.

  2. Step 2 - Prevent permanently

     It may not be possible to eliminate the cause of the mould without further ado. In this case, it is best to use our AVIVA FormelSan anti-mould paint to paint your walls. It prevents the formation of mildew at endangered and already infested areas...

  3. Step 3 - New paint for renovated rooms

    If you have found the cause of the mould infestation, you can paint your walls and ceilings with one of the AVIVA wall paints. We recommend AVIVA Tiromin-Weiß and AVIVA Tiromin-Color. These mineral paints offer a natural protection against mould and mildew. As an alternative to these mineral colours, you can also opt for the antibacterial, dull matt wellness colour AVIVA Fresh-Weiß. Your advantage is the elimination of possible odours and pollutants. 

  4. Products for mould and mildew control

    AVIVA SchimmelEx Chlorine-free "The low-odour anti-mould spray": 

    • Chlorine-free, water-based disinfection spray 
    • Low odour 
    • For cleaning mould-infested surfaces
    • Especially for brickwork and wood indoors and sanitary facilities 

    Aviva Fungisan: Concentrate for large-scale mould and algae control

    Aviva Fresh-Weiß: Has an antibacterial and preventive effect against mould infestation. Removes odours and pollutants.

    Successfully prevent mould fungus 

    The best way to protect yourself against mould on the wall is to ventilate your home properly!

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