A perfect result – a modern and coloured unique piece

Finishing of furniture

With ADLER VariColor it will be easy to give your wooden commode a colourful and unique touch! In this simple and cheap way you can re-decorate your living room.

A perfect result – a modern and coloured unique piece
Step 1 – Sanding
Step 2 - Coating
Step 3 – Second coating
New or differently coloured knobs are the dot on the i on your unique piece.

You want to distinguish yourself from stereotyped pieces of furniture? Now you can make out of your furniture a unique piece, coating it with ADLER VariColor, the brand new coloured paint, in the desired shade.  We show you how to do in a very simple way:



  1. Step 1 – Wood sanding

    Take out the drawers and remove the handles from the dresser. Before applying the base coat sand all surfaces with grain 240. Remove the wood dust with a brush or a cloth. If you will renovate an old commode you do not have to remove the old coat, it is enough to sand lightly and uniformly.

  2. Step 2 – Coating

    For the application use a paint-brush or a foam plastic roller. In order to avoid drops or varnish runs, we recommend for coating a horizontal position of the single elements. Start at the borders and go on up to surfaces on the top. To get a uniform result it is necessary to brush finally in direction of the wood fibres. Respect a commode’s drying time of five or six hours.

    Here a master practitioner’s advice: Indoor surfaces as well as not visible surfaces like the outside parts of the drawers usually are not painted. Especially on drawers further coating layers may cause difficulty to draw them out or to push them in.

  3. Step 3  – Second coating 

    Sand the dry surfaces once more with sand paper 240 in direction of the wood grain. Doing this intermediate grinding you can eliminate eventually existings unevenness or varnish runs. Remove dust thoroughly and coat the piece of furniture in the same way you did first. After a drying time of five or six hours your “new” commode is ready.

  4. Deco-Tip:

    Give your piece of furniture a decorative fine polish and coat the knobs in a different colour. Or: Fix new and artistic knob. That makes your piece furniture unique and distinctive.


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