Timelessly valuable GOURMET KITCHEN

Here luxury does not start with the finished menu, but with the kitchen itself.


Imagine you get a gift; a small, simple box. You open it and an exquisite piece of jewellery shines inside it. This is exactly the feeling customers of the Polish company Halupczok have every time they open the door to their kitchen. With the new "Marrone" design, Halupczok has created a kitchen as if made by a jeweller - with precious metal from ADLER tins. At the "warsaw home" trade fair this kitchen enchanted visitors with its brilliance.


This is no wonder, because the exhibit seems to shine from the inside out. It is a "gourmet kitchen" in two senses: here luxury does not begin with the finished menu, but with the kitchen itself: Clear, modern shapes, a central kitchen island, ceiling-high wall cupboards, no handles, no frills - and yet a lot of effect. The brilliant effect, the special appearance and the design are in the coating: real metal! But from a tin. Company head Adrian Halupczok wanted something spectacular for the new model and found it in ADLER's range of effect varnishes. His advisor at ADLER Polska, Wojciech Wodecki, says: "Halupczok is a leader in quality and innovation. Such a customer has high demands. Once you can meet them and together find a unique solution like this bronze kitchen, it makes you very happy." And this is what this solution looks like: The fronts are painted with ADLER Aqua-Pure-Metal in bronze, a 90 percent real metal coating. Not only can you see this, you can also feel it, which gives the metallic effect an incomparable quality. The glossy Tiropur NG top coat highlights this effect.


The interplay with the substrates is also enchanting. MDF boards were used for the back wall. The bronze effect is shown to advantage here in a very even and flat manner, giving the wall a calm and elegant appearance. For the kitchen island, Halupczok chose a vibrant marble-structured substrate that brings out all the facets of the bronze and lends the solid block lightness. The side cabinets prove that the metallic coating has an enchanting effect even on real wood: brushed oak was completely "cast" in bronze here. The most beautiful properties of wood and metal merge to create something new, spectacular, yet completely natural. The new model, designed by the designer Anna Dzierżanowska, has already been installed at a private customer, and five further orders are in progress. A kitchen like a piece of jewellery - the idea has fully come to fruition: exquisite, elegant, effective and yet of timeless value!


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