Play me the song of paint

A piano is more than a musical instrument. A magnificent grand piano or a glossy piano draws attention to itself. Even if no-one is playing. A piano is simply an eye-catcher. A noble piece of furniture. Often an heirloom, a memory, almost a family member. And it is for this reason that pianos not only have to impress with the perfect sound, but also with a flawless appearance.


However, if the fine piece has already suffered a little, the repair team from the Klavierhaus Rudolf Reisinger in Himberg near Vienna steps in. There, piano lovers not only find beautiful new instruments from various well-known brands – Birgit Slovencik and her staff are particularly enthusiastic about renovating and restoring old pianos.


"Our great passion is bringing a new shine and sound to pianos on which great craftsmen have laid their hands," emphasises the managing director. The instruments, often more than 100 years old, are lovingly dismantled down to the last detail, and the countless parts are professionally restored piece by piece and assembled into a perfect piano or grand piano.
That's why their team naturally also includes a joiner – "almost part of the inventory" – who not only takes care of small wood repairs, but also perfect surfaces. Using paints from ADLER of course, because the Tyrolean paint manufacturer offers the same top-level quality in the surfaces industry as Bösendorfer or Steinway do in the piano industry!
Whether noble, glossy black with ADLER Pigmopur Gloss, a coloured coating with  ADLER Pigmopur or a surface sealant with ADLER Pigmotop – at Reisinger it's everything a piano lover's heart desires. Sounds good? Yes! But not only that. It looks good too!

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