© Ziesel / Mattro Mobility Revolutions GmbH


© Ziesel / Mattro Mobility Revolutions GmbH
© Ziesel / Mattro Mobility Revolutions GmbH

Listen up nature lovers: what scurries briskly across the fields? And is small, smart and agile? That's right: a ground squirrel. But not one made of flesh and blood. But one made of wood and metal. Environmentalists are happy nevertheless as the Tyrolean "Ziesel" (German for ground squirrel) is electrically powered, quiet, emission-free – and simply cool! "The Ziesel is a tracked vehicle for every terrain," says Alois Bauer. With his company Mattro Mobility Revolutions in Schwaz, he has developed the truly revolutionary vehicle, complete with armrests and fenders made of wood. "We have coated these parts with ADLER Pullex Holzöl - what else?!" stresses Heinz Auer from Auer Holzmanufaktur in Innsbruck. Bauer has found a congenial partner in Auer Holzmanufaktur through proHolz Tirol.

Tough Nut

Together, the two inventors devised the optimal solution for the stressed housing. Oak and especially European nut proved to be exceptionally robust. When the mud splashes and the snow brings dust, you only need to wash it down and you're done. "Regional partners are very important to us. With ADLER, we have a manufacturer in the immediate vicinity who also provides the best quality. That's perfect," praises Bauer. Using a material other than wood was out of the question for the duo. After all, the Ziesel is environmentally friendly all round. "Power needs no noise, dynamics no gears and racing no steering wheel," promises Bauer. 

His race-ready caterpillar racer is to enable impressive nature adventures for the drivers. On snow-capped peaks, steep gravel fields, sandy tracks, meadows and hills – the Ziesel copes easily with the most diverse terrain. The joystick control makes operation child's play and it also impresses with its trailer hitch for carrying loads. What next? A fun device? A working aid? Even more! Originally, the Ziesel was just an internal test vehicle for Mattro's lithium battery technology. Mainly it is thanks to wheelchair users that the prototype became a production vehicle. "They spurred us on to make a product out of the unusual concept," explains Bauer. In the meantime, the Ziesel was put in the limelight on the "Schlag den Raab" television show, racing through the jungle and dunes on Youtube and dancing a snow ballet on the Achen Lake. Ziesel, we love you!


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