Aquawood Covapro 60

NCS S 1505-G90Y / 5 kg

Water-based, glossy, covering finishing coat for wooden windows and front doors for industrial and professional use. It has been matched as a system with a 3-coat structure

Article number:502701070105

Yield: 300 - 600 g/m² per application - depending on intermediate coating
Yield including dilution addition and spraying loss.

This water-based, pigmented finishing coat provides outstanding weathering resistance and permanent elasticity. Aquawood Covapro also performs well on  account of its high degree of block resistance, ex-cellent impact strength and fast protection against water. With its good non-sag properties on vertical surfaces combined with optimal flow and fast drying times, this product is especially efficient in use. The finished surface looks very natural and feels lovely too.  

Aquawood Covapro guarantees perfect surfaces for many years thanks to excellent weathering resistance and permanent elasticity.

Basis of the system
    • Water based
Advantages of the product
  • Natural surface, feels very pleasant
  • Available in matt, silk gloss and glossy
  • Outstanding weathering resistance
  • Fast and outstanding protection against water
  • Protection against blue stain and wood-destroying fungi without biocidal active ingredients
Special features
  • Block resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Dilutable in water: yes
Netto Gewicht in kg
  • 5

Can be tinted
    • AdlerMix
Hazard warnings
  • Attention!

    • EUH211
      Warning! Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist.
    • H317
      May cause an allergic skin reaction
Area of application
    • Outdoor
    • Indoor
    • Dimensionally accurate wooden components in exterior and interior areas, such as wooden windows and front doors

    • For humid rooms (e.g. indoor swimming pools) only with special construction

    • For wood components that are not dimensionally accurate, we recommend Pullex Color 50530 or Pullex Aqua-Color 53331

    • Dieses Produkt ist nicht für die Verwendung durch den DIY Kunden geeignet

Cleaning of tools
Description Size Type of file
French ordinance DEVL1104875A

Marking of construction coating products for their emission of volatile pollutants: A+

KOMO® product certificate

KOMO® certification 33392 based on BRL 0817 "Film-forming intermediate and top coat systems on wood". 

DIN 53160-1 and DIN 53160-2

Perspiration and saliva-proof properties

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