Aquawood Nativa

Farblos, tönbar / 5 kg

Article number:519500022005

Application method:

Water-based, non-yellowing, natural matt wood glaze with a particularly natural look. Good light resistance, good scratch resistance, high blocking resistance as well as good transparency and chemical resistance.

Basis of the system
    • Water based
Special features
  • Ready for use
  • Block resistant
  • For dimensionally stable timber components
  • Scratch
  • good weather resistance
  • Dilutable in water: yes
Can be tinted
Hazard warnings
    • EUH208
      Contains (name of sensitising substance). May produce an allergic reaction.
    • EUH210
      Safety data sheet available on request.
Area of application
    • Indoor
  • Dimensionally stable timber/aluminium components such as windows and front doors, etc.Not suitable for direct outdoor exposure.

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