Bluefin Pigmores 4in1 G50

C12 030/6 Rendezvous / 4 kg

High-quality, water-based pigmented coating, can be used directly on MDF, for furniture and
interior finishing for industrial and professional use

Article number:350501220804

Application method:

High-quality. Efficient. Economical. The new Bluefin Pigmores 4in1 acts as insulation, filler, colour paint, and top coat in one. The complete solution allows for easy and uncomplicated handling and at the same time makes sure there is good filling power and sandability, as well as extremely good ring indentation resistance. Bluefin Pigmores 4in1 can be used directly on MDF boards and offers, in addition to three degrees of gloss, a varied colour palette.

Basis of the system
    • Water based
Advantages of the product
  • 4in1 solution: Insulation, filler, colour paint, and top coat in one
  • Very good filling power and optimal sandability
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Very good ring test resistance
  • Can be used directly on good quality MDF boards
  • Resistance to cream and grease (CFB)
  • Free of organotin and low VOC emissions
  • Large colour palette
Special features
  • A+ Emission of volatile pollutants
  • Perspiration and saliva proof properties
  • High light resistance
  • Dilutable in water: yes
Net weight in kg
  • 4

  • 9010677683612

Hazard warnings
    • EUH208
      Contains . May produce an allergic reaction.
    • EUH210
      Safety data sheet available on request.
    • EUH211
      Warning! Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist.
Description Size Type of file
ÖNORM A 1605-12 (furniture surfaces)

Resistance to chemical reactions: 1-B1

ÖNORM A 1605-12 (furniture surfaces)

Response to abrasion

ÖNORM A 1605-12 (furniture surfaces)

Test 5: Resistance to flame: 5-B

ÖNORM A 1605-12 (furniture surfaces)

Scratch resistance behaviour: 4-D

DIN 68861 (furniture surfaces)

Part 1: Response to chemical stress: 1 B

DIN 68861 (furniture surfaces)

Part 2: Response to abrasion: 2 D  (> 50 to ≤150 U)

DIN 68861 (furniture surfaces)

Part 4: Response to scratches: 4 D (> 1.0 to ≤ 1.5 N)

DIN 53160-1 and DIN 53160-2

Confirmed by an external test certificate.
Perspiration and saliva-proof properties. 

declared product in baubook

Safety of toys; migration of certain elements (free of heavy metals)

French ordinance DEVL1104875A

Marking of construction coating products for their emission of volatile pollutants: A+

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