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Article number:2551304

Yield: About 170-220 g/m² per application; to obtain surfaces with an excellent
body 2 coats of filler with intermediate grinding are necessary
Total application quantity: max. 750 g/m²

Application method:

Fast-drying polyurethane filler with a good sanding, high build, good stand on perpendicular surfaces and excellent permanent elasticity.
Binding agent: polyacrylate resin

Basis of the system
    • Solvent based
Advantages of the product
  • Fast-drying
  • good sanding
  • good stand on perpendicular surfaces
  • excellent permanent elasticity
Netto Gewicht in kg
  • 4

Hazard warnings
  • Attention!

    • EUH066
      Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.
    • EUH208
      Contains . May produce an allergic reaction.
    • H226
      Flammable liquid and vapour
    • H319
      Causes serious eye irritation
    • H336
      May cause drowsiness or dizziness
Area of application
    • Indoor
    • High build priming coat for covering pigment coating systems for furniture and interior outfitting.

    • Possible priming coats: Untreated and veneered chipboards, MDF boards pretreated with 2K-PUR varnish and massive woods.

    • As this product stays well on vertical surfaces it is most suitable for the use on mouldings and profiled objects.

  • 10 parts PUR-Spritzfüller

  • 1 parts hardener

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  • 10 parts by weight ADLER PUR Spritzfüller
    1 part by weight ADLER PUR-Härter [hardener] 82019
    5 parts by volume ADLER PUR Spritzfüller
    1 part by volume ADLER PUR-Härter [hardener] 82019

  • pot life:8 hours

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