Atemschutzmaske FFA2P3D Einweg

Very comfortable disposable protective mask with activated carbon filter (for paint spraying) and particle filter.

Article number:9642701

This respirator mask offers protection against gases, vapours and particulates according to protection class FFA2P3 R D (EN 405:2002) up to 30 times the threshold value.

Important: The type and concentration of the harmful substance must be known in order to be able to determine the protection type and protection class!

Advantages of the product
  • Unique in comfort and technology
  • Maintenance-free disposable half-masks for effective and comfortable protection against a wide range of hazardous gases, vapours and particles
  • Protection against organic vapours up to 30 times the limit value or 5000 ppm and up to 30 times the limit value for particles
Netto Gewicht in kg
  • 0.1

Area of application
  • Recommended for processing with ADLER solvent paints, ADLER water-thinnable paints, ADLER solvent-based stains, ADLER water-thinnable stains and ADLER window coating materials applied by spraying.

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